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  1. Thanks for the info! Nice to hear from a fellow CUE goer.
  2. So I just came back from ETC's first ever End-User Conference. While there, we used their boards hooked up to a laptop running Capture Polar software on it so we could see what our keystrokes did if it was real life. I was aware of this program before this, but my interest has been renewed when I asked if it would be possible to import a Vectorworks file into Capture Polar to use the 3D theatre I already made in VW. The woman said yes it's possible, yet I have not seen a shred of evidence on the web that the two can communicate in any way. Is this indeed possible? Any help is appreciated
  3. I am actually coming off an AutoCAD binge, but I was using VW before I ever used AutoCAD. I still find it dumb that the text for hybrid objects appears only on top/plan, while no other part of it appears there, giving you nearly useless floating text. I've "gotten around" this by drawing 2d versions of the object on top/plan, but the flaw still bugs me.
  4. Nevermind, they were there, I just never checked top/plan. Thanks for your help bcd
  5. Assuming that is the problem, would anyone know how to fix it or find my labels? I left my scale at 1:1 when making my theatre. I tried selecting my objects and set the font to 2000pt, but I still don't see anything. The position summary is definitely checked and there is text in the position box. I've zoomed in ridiculous amounts, and I've zoomed out ridiculous amounts, but still nothing. Truly puzzling.
  6. No matter what I try, I can't get any of my light position objects to get a name label next to them. I have scoured the interwebs high and low (including these forums) for the answer, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated


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