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  1. Hi I am having problems when i export and then re merge my vw file to c4d I have been working on the file in c4d so have applied tags and materials etc, but when i add more in vw then bring it back into c4d the material tags i have added to walls dissappear. is there something i need to check that im not when I export the vw file?? please help Candy
  2. Hi My student vectorworks 2009 version has expired after the 365 days. and i am having problems updating/renewing it. I am doing everthing the instructions say, but it just keeps failing. I get to the part of right click the "update to vectorworks" file and select 'export all'. Then (cos I have Vista) select export, and it starts installing, and i save it to my desktop, but then half way through it brings up a message and says failed. Please help, or does anyone know a contact for vectorworks that is english number as i cant get the foreign one to work? Candice
  3. I am finding that when I open some of my pages not all in Adobe reader as Pdfs exported from vectorworks that some of the images are missing. one page is fine, even tho it was created in the same way. all images where put thru photoshop, then brought back to vectorworks as jpeg image files. Please help?
  4. Just tried it and it has worked perfectly. Thank you so much you are a life saver! CMJ
  5. I have exported my Elevations and plans fine this way as DWGs to AI But when I export my 3D Visual of my room from a Viewport of a Hidden Line image, it exports fine. but when opening in Adobe Illustrator it produces all of the lines that I have hidden and many more, instead of just my hidden line image of how it looked in vectorworks. Please help??
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