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  1. Thank you tekbench for your reply. Below are the specs to my computer. I do have over 100 gigs of free hard drive space and not running chrome or outlook. I do have creative cloud running so will quit that and check again. VW 2019 seems to start out fine but after 30-45 min I can start to see noticeable sluggishness, especially with plug in objects and re-draws. These are all with pretty simple 2 story residential models. After 2 hours I just have to stop and re-start the computer. I will try the memory cleaner and check RAM allocation and use per your suggestion. I wasn't trying to sound disingenuous but it's been an issue for me since VW 2017 and just tired of what seems to be a program that with each upgrade gets better options but seemingly poorer performance.
  2. Find it really frustrating to buy a new iMac computer and put all the add ons to satisfy the Vectorworks system requirements for "large, complex" projects and come to find out I can not even pan across a simple 2D line drawing without some pretty noticeable lag time. With 2019 I am having a 1 second delay before I select a plug in object and it shows up in the object info palette. I was getting nagging calls and emails to upgrade before it was "too late" and now I have to deal with an $$ oversized computer on an undersized $$$ program... Started using Revit and about to make the switch all together. Been about 12 years on VW so will be sad to go!
  3. Kevin, thank you for pointing out the obvious! Sweet feature indeed
  4. This is a great feature for sure. I was wondering however if it goes a step further. Would be sweet to be able to set up different layer/class configurations for each pane... a quick way to work on many parts of a building at a time.
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