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  1. Does anyone have a good way of doing truss toners. I have tried everything from lights inside the truss, to line lights to area lights and nothing gives me a realistic effect. I have even tried glow textures and backlit textures with only mediocre results. Any ideas? Ryan VW 2012 Designer OS 10.6.7 MacBook Pro http://www.gearhouse.co.za
  2. I stumbled across a very easy way of showing illuminated lenses. Edit the default instrument texture of your fixture to have a backlit reflectivity. Once you have done this, the lense lights up. This only works on moving yoke fixtures. Ryan VW 2011 Designer+RW OS 10.6.7 MacBook Pro http://www.gearhouse.co.za
  3. Hi I have some great plug ins from VW 11.5 that i want to import into VW2011. They are VW encrypted Vectorscript files with a .px extension. Is there any way to convert them so that they work in VW2011? Is it just a matter of changing the file extension? Thanks
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