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  1. Can you do this: select all including hidden objects and classes?
  2. Thanks Peter. I am actually being trained by Tamsin Slatter for a few days. Since my last post I've come a long way, mainly thanks to her. One other thing you might be able to help me on: I've drawn/designed a pergola detail which has arcs and rectangular shapes. Took a while. When I came to dimension it, one of the dimensions is different from its what-should-be-identical opposite by 1mm in 430mm. Do you know if there's some kind of override that disables the interactive nature of the dimension tool, so that I can edit it by that (annoying) 1mm?
  3. I'm a complete newbie and so have an early question: I've just done a construction detail of a wall in plan view, thinking I was in front view. When I select front view it all goes to a flat line! Is there a way to restore or convert the drawing so this is avoided? Or should I just do the thing again, making sure this time to select the right view before drawing the thing?


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