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  1. In the past I created an exterior wall (e.g. 2x6 stud wall) + a separate wall for masonry veneer (4" + airspace). This requires separate symbols (or breaks) for each wall to install a door or window that cuts through both. Messy and time consuming. Is there a way to use VW wall types with components to do the same thing? I can create a wall with a masonry veneer component that stops at 4' above the slab, but then there is no finish material above 4'. How do you make one wall that has siding above the masonry veneer using the VW wall tools? The advantage will be if 3D door and window symbols will insert into each component (siding and masonry) correctly. TIA
  2. How do I add lighting records and lighting schedule to the default list of VA records and schedules? In the past weren't these included? Have they been moved to another module? Thanks
  3. Does anyone know if the Adobe MM fonts, like Graphite, will be supported on OS X. I understand currently that they don't show up. Thanks
  4. How do I update a door schedule to get rid of the "phantom" doors that end up on the schedule with no ID? There must be some door records that are retained by the file when doors are removed or revised, even though no ID was ever attached to them. The door schedule cannot be manually edited because all the fields cannot be accessed individually. Thanks
  5. I can't figure out how to add "remarks" to the finish schedule -- generated using VA 9.0.1. Can someone clue me in? Thanks ------------------ Guy


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