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  1. Found 1 hang up with a viewport that didn't like being 2d. Turned off autosave, and had success saving sheets 1-4 together and 5-8 together, but not 1-8. 2 files is better than 8 files. i got an "out of memory" error a couple times, and an unspecified crash a few other times. Thanks for the tip, it did help.
  2. Hello, I am trying to export a batch PDF of a drawing that has 8 individual sheet layers sized 11x17. Upon individual pdf exporting, no file exceeds 818kb, and it is successful. However, when i try to batch export, it freezes every time and crashes. I don't want the client to have to individually open each sheet when they are viewing. I am exporting to 72dpi, and tried rasterizing text. No luck. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks,
  3. Hello, I currently have a drawing which i am using referenced viewports in my design layer, in this case a self-climbing truss roof. in my current drawing, i have placed lights, stage, etc. i then create a new viewport which needs to include the referenced viewport and the new items. I am creating this and dropping it into a sheet layer. when viewing the sheet layer, initially the referenced viewport is visible. however, when adding another viewport to the same sheet (different view of the same area), the referenced viewport disappears. This is confusing and tough to explain, hoping i haven't confused you as well. Initial thoughts were that the new vp crop was too small and the referenced vp didn't like it. Help is appreciated. Thank you.
  4. hello- i have been duplicating a circle truss to create 3, and offsetting the x and y axes. however, when selecting front view, the z axis for each truss is now different, and will not respond when i try to line up all three circle on the z axis. the z difference between all 3 is 12" per circle. "offset duplicates" is unchecked in my preferences. Thank you in advance, Brian Vectorworks 2012 SP2 Windows 7 x64 GEForce GTX 580 Intel i7 CPU
  5. thank you, got it raked. Ungrouping it was helpful since i could specify what size i wanted exactly. thanks for the input everyone.
  6. Hello, trying to rake a circle / curved truss?. Anyone have an easy way to do it? Thanks, Brian
  7. i'm placing sharpies in a drawing, they show properly in wireframe, then when i do a fast or final render, they look like colorblasts. this is from the clay paky library on vectorworks service select. this also happened earlier with them in wireframe, the 3d portion of the fixture changed from the sharpy shape to something that looks like a colorblast. i deleted all of them out, then placed fixtures in the drawing again, which was successful, and lead to the problem listed in the beginning of this post. Thank you for any guidance you can give. Brian Vectorworks 2011 SP4
  8. Thanks kevin. I have 1468 GLEC 60mm video panels i imported from dwg. Perhaps i should simplify the symbol.
  9. new issue, same subject. Trying to render a decent sized file in final quality, and after 54 minutes, i gave up. It didn't crash, but the progress bar was not moving My info is below, please help. Thanks. This drawing is now starting to lag when moving around in wireframe also.
  10. P and S are project and sheet. they are values you can give a title block and have it relay through all sheet layers. Example- I set up with 5 sheet layers- plan, side, front, iso, front pers. I give my title block data entry values as P_(title) for anything you want to appear on every sheet, and s_(title) for anything you want sheet specific. I also create viewports for each sheet, may not be the most efficient way, but i like it better than editing my title block every time i want to print. So many different ways to do things here...
  11. nevermind. If you hit esc quick enough- you can get back to wireframe.
  12. Hello, I'm having trouble getting back into wireframe on my design layer. Here's the issue- 1. I am rendered in unshaded polygons on a viewport in a sheet layer in a right iso view. 2. When I return to design layer 1, the drawing re-renders in unshaded polygons successfully in the same right iso view. 3. When I select "wireframe" or change the view, my drawing goes non-responsive, and i have to force quit. I have tried turning off all classes when i'm rendered, and letting it re-render without classes turned on, and it never finishes the "destroy list" progress, it just stalls out. I have also tried hitting escape when i first select the design layer and it begins rendering. No luck. Does anyone know of a work-around so i can get back into wireframe? Thanks in advance, Brian Spotlight 2011 Windows 7
  13. Disregard, I have discovered the P_ and S_ functions in the title block. And used your suggestion for sheet layers. Thanks.
  14. i see. A sheet layer with a "side" viewport, another with an "iso" viewport, etc... Is there a way to make the same title block appear on each sheet layer? I tried to duplicate my title block, but it didn't transfer the data from sheet to sheet. Thanks again.
  15. Thank you. Should all viewports exist on the same sheet layer?
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