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  1. We have an extensive library of a few thousand symbols for Trees,shrubs, perrienials,, etc, that were created in v2012. These master files are then accessed via the resource browser window when designing. While I was away for a few days, we upgraded to 2014, these master files and all the current files we are in the middle of working on were converted to v2014. I came back to a major headache, our designers cant get anything done, All our symbols now when accessed thru resource browser and dropped in to a design are a mess. Things like "mass overlapping plants' and "display tag line marker" are always selected no matter what i do to change master file it seems to ignore these settings and the symbols come in to the design as a big blob with no line detain, or wrong tag line, etc. I need to find a solution to this asap, as we are forced to work in 2012 until I can fix this.
  2. there was no Nemetschek folder oddly enough in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder under software. uh oh. the computer is not rebooting properly. this isnt good.
  3. Ok thx I'll try that now... that error message continues popping up on the desktop every 30 seconds with all programs closed.
  4. No > is it too late to close it and restart the process?
  5. Ok i think i just did more damage than good. I made it to step 7 for the windows7 walkthrough. When I deleted Wow6432Node it freaked out and now has an error window popping up every minute that says "LincenseManRes.dll could not be found"
  6. Ok updated all computers to SP5 and its still doing it on that one computer.
  7. Hi Jim, we are still on sp1 and yes it happens on a new document too. Everything is still normal on my computer but on the other one its acting wonky. Right now our only work around is using single plant placement and going back to group them later.
  8. I have never had any issues while using the poly-vertex mode (multiple plant) placement tool. But this morning my boss is having a strange issue when using this tool. Normally if you wanted say 3 plants you single click where you want the first 2 then double click on the 3rd plant to finish your placement. What is now happening is that when we double click to finish placement we are getting at least 1 extra plant. No matter how hard we try its not acting the way it should. I tried to think what could have caused this overnight and only on my bosses computer but it seems to be that this would not be a desired option to finish with 2-3 stacked plants at the end of a massing. Has anyone seen or heard of this happening? Btw. we are using vectorworks landmark 2012 if that helps. Thanks!
  9. I guess im just confused as how to use databases outside vectorworks, connect to them, and if its possible to simply update pricing on external database and have plant prices change in vectorworks. thanks for the link Ozzie, I will play around with that now that I know there is a feature for accessing outside files like excel.
  10. Last Year I was given the daunting job of putting over 1000 plants from our master plant palette into vectorworks, complete with all information, custom rendered symbols for each, and of course the wholesale price of each plant from the nursery we use. I created a custom master pricing worksheet complete with equations to automatically mark up and total plant quantities etc. Jump to this year. I get the new 2012 nursery catalog complete with all their plant price markups. Adding to that, this nursery has decided to create an online login on their website and are going to update plant prices and availability weekly. I am sitting here trying to figure out how the heck im going to update and continue updating these prices into the price field in my plant symbols. Please don't tell me I am going to have to open each individual symbol and update the price. Is there a way to set up the worksheets to reference an outside file like Excel? Then I would only have to go through the hassle of referencing each plant price to a specific file once and from then on hit update and prices change immediatley. What am I missing? I know im not the only one here that does landscape design/build and uses landmark to calculate and create plant schedules. How do you guys stay on top of these always changing prices?
  11. That helped keep the image in the background thank you. Now I still have a problem drawing on top of image with a 3d poly or something I can give texture. The perspective box with 4 corners blocks out my image that is underneath grrrrrrr. If only it was transparent! theres got to be an easier way to draw on top of a photo like you would sketch a perspective
  12. Thanks for the link Cipes, Cool Program I will definately bookmark that page for future use However Im not trying to superimpose a 3D model onto a jpeg, I want to be able to keep an image in vectorworks at the far background and work on top of that image. Currently I'm wanting to draw a proposed patio on top of a picture coming out into the forground. I start drawing it and all my lines disapear behind the jpg. Would be nice for the extrudes and 3d shapes to project forward as i draw on top of the photo.
  13. Im trying to figure out how or if its possible to make a perspective in vectorworks with a picture set in the background and with vanishing point would be nice as well. Sorry if this is a dumb question, Im good at making 3D models but sometimes I'd rather import a picture in and do a quick perspective sketch over a section of a property full with the in program textures. If this is possible im not going about it the right way. I started at first by importing a Jpeg in and then thought I could start drawing on top. It seemed like it would work but everything I did ended up behind the Jpg even if I kept sending it to the back. Any help on the proper way to do this would be awesome, thx
  14. Thank you Bryan! that was exactly what I was missing all this time!! Thank you, thank you, thank you As for the stress ball, I think thats a great idea haha. My co-workers think its funny that im always sighing and muttering to myself when im working with this program. It's a love and hate thing. I'll be sure to post again here if I run into any more snags. Now I just need to practice printing these worksheets from vectorworks instead of copy and pasting into excel everytime. thx again Jon
  15. Ok sorry about the late replies. I had to go back and really wrap my head around the problem so I could try and communicate it better haha. I couldnt find a file under 5mb, so i create a small sample with my plant worksheet, I'll try uploading it shortly. Hey Thom, thanks again for the reply. Your example is almost dead on, except my unit price isn't showing accuratly so it throws of the rest of my totals. I found the problem but dont know how to fix it. Using your above example, say I have 2 seperate planting beds that are to be totaled together. I have 10 grouped in one bed, 10 grouped in the other (to keep it neat) they are on the same class so i can generate my plant list no problem. Now heres the problem, the unit price for the 20 plants wont be $5.00 as it should be, it will be $10.00, for some reason the unit price is being multiplied by the # of groups present in the class. I spent hours trying to find a fix but couldnt find one I attached an example file with worksheet showing Price not accuratly being calculated due to my multiple plant grouping. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. thx again for the replies so far. Jon
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