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  1. its seems as though the whole plot and model concept is lost on me.

    Maybe a vector script to take the 3d data from each light and then apply those values on to a viewport based on a selectable range, in this case - Z and X is all you need for the elevation view. then scale and size to match the already existing elevation view...

    In my head it's simple but i'm usre it's much more than that on the programming side.

  2. So I've got about 6 years of Vectorworks under my belt now and I still cannot get my instrument data to appear in an elevation view.

    I design a lot of EDM stages and there are a lot of instruments piles one atop of another and I'm getting tired of manually typing unit numbers when I have already input that data in the program. I should not have to do it twice.

    How does everyone else handle elevation fixture labeling?

  3. Can someone please share a VWX compatible Sharpy symbol? It's the only light I use that I don't have.

    I know the Clay Paky website has a DWG and DXF but that doesn't help me when I import it as a light. It will not focus on my focus point and they render with a million lines.


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