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  1. This has been occurring for me sporadically in the current Service Pack. Hoping it gets fixed soon. I've also been running into an issue where if I change the model, the Hidden Line portion of a Section Viewport will reflect the changes when I update, but the OpenGL portion continually shows the out of date model. It's been driving me crazy...
  2. I was wondering this EXACT same question two days ago. Looking forward to answers, though I expect that there isn't a clean solution and that it's an unfortunate limitation of Vectorworks.
  3. This occurs when the nested symbol is a "flipped" symbol. I don't agree with how Vectorworks handles flipped symbols, but for now it is what it is...
  4. I copied the object into a blank file and am attaching it here. CurtainWall.vwx
  5. Also... if I set the "Cut Plane" height in the OIP at a height taller than the wall, then the Frames do display the hatch, but of course then I lose my my glazing and any door openings... So the issue seems to be with objects that are "cut through" displaying the white fill instead of their assigned fill.
  6. No, even when set to a solid color fill they display as white.
  7. How do I get the vertical frames of a Curtain Wall object to display the 2D attributes set up in the Frame Settings? They seem to only display as white and I'm not sure where this is coming from... Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?
  8. Discovered the source of the issue thanks to this thread: I had mine set to "Good Performance and Compatibility" - switching back to "Best Performance" brought back my lineweights. Hopefully this doesn't also bring back whatever issue caused me to switch to that setting in the first place.
  9. It could have been after a file save, hard to recall, but it definitely wasn't after a crash. I was in the middle of working on the file, along with working on another open file in another tab. I didn't notice the exact moment it happened, but at some point I realized one file had blue handles and the other file didn't...
  10. That fixed it! Thank you!!!!! I'll let you know if it ever happens again, but that's the first time I've seen that happen (where restarting VW didn't fix it). Thanks again 🙂
  11. Also, it turns out I can still modify things as if the blue handles were there. They're just invisible?
  12. In one particular file I suddenly can't see any blue handles at all (including with the Selection tool, the Reshape tool, etc.). I do have Interactive Scaling Mode on, so it's definitely not that. Is there anything else that could be causing this? I do not have the time re-create his entire set in a new file with all the Section Viewports that are involved, so I hope there's a solution. Handles appear in a new file. Restarting Vectorworks and my computer did not solve it...
  13. If Surface Hatches don't work with the "Plane" mapping type (... or all the mapping types rather), then the feature shouldn't have been released at all. Or if they truly just can't function with "Plane" mapping, then Surface hatches should just not display on objects mapped that way. There's way too much room for error here. It's kind of scary...
  14. I tried using Surface Hatches today for the first time within a project. They literally DO NOT WORK. You can align a texture up perfectly on an object, and have the Surface Hatch definition aligned perfectly with the texture definition, but then Hidden Line viewports display the surface hatches on some objects in completely arbitrary alignments. I've wasted too much time today trying to get this to work...
  15. Here's an issue I've seen pop up in Vectorworks for years, and I'm curious if anyone knows why it happens or a possible solution. If you have multiple objects using textures that have an Image Mask for transparency, sometimes OpenGL will display the obscured surface in front of the foreground surface. Take a look at this video: I've also seen it happen to surfaces of a single object using just one transparent texture (such as the back side of a cylinder being displayed in front of the front side, which is really trippy). Seems to be related to the angle of view somehow. This makes using the Walkthrough tool to present to a director or producer very difficult because it makes the software look cheap and buggy. (BTW - in this example I know I can just model the black grate as actual geometry to get around this issue, but I'm interested to know if there's a way to address the actual issue so that overlapping transparent textures don't have this bug.) WindowUnit.vwx
  16. Actually Pat's method makes more sense if you've set up your Title Block Borders with the current TBB tool as designed. I was overthinking it 😄 Just use the "Style" dropdown to switch from your current style [which you've set up for one size] to another style [which you've set up for another size]. This is assuming that because of your specific title block you can't use the Scale Factor to simply make it smaller. For anyone looking to set up TBB Styles, this page might be helpful.
  17. Could you drop the new Title Block Border on the sheet (don't delete the old one yet) then use the Eyedropper tool, click on Settings, and set to it "Records" only, then pick up from the old TBB and drop on the new one? That should transfer all the info, then you can delete the old TBB. Let me know if it works for you.
  18. Close enough for me! .011° did the trick. 🙂 Thanks Pat!
  19. Thanks Nikolay, but the entire point of this post was to see if it's possible to adjust a single text object without changing it for the entire document.
  20. That's what I was assuming / afraid of. (Though I would still consider what's happening in my original post a bug.) Looking forward to that new Window tool that I assume is in the pipeline by now 😉😉😉 Someday we'll be able to easily create windows that actually adhere to drafting standards, not to mention construction techniques.
  21. It does indeed... Good thought though! This isn't something crucial at all, but it'd be nice to figure out. Here's a test file: FlipTextTBB.vwx The goal is to have the text in the upper left readable from the "left" side of the paper, so that when someone rolls up the print the wrong way the sheet number and title are still readable. (Yes it's 'readable' the way it is but it seems backwards) @Pat Stanford I couldn't get the script to work with "Adjust Flipped Text" remaining on, unfortunately.
  22. Is there way to keep "Adjust Flipped Text" ON in document preferences, but have one piece of text NOT auto-orientate? I need something to be readable from the left as opposed to from the right, but I don't want to turn off the document preference since that affects everything. This is for a piece of text in a Title Block, specifically. Any workarounds?
  23. Very happy to hear that! 🙂 @LauraCB - there was a related discussion here recently if you're interested.
  24. I don't know of anything like that for Vectorworks, but if you're interested in saving time, one thing I'd recommend is customizing your workspace to have better shortcuts, as the defaults aren't always ideal. For example, here are a few of the changes I've made in my personal workspace which have greatly increased my efficiency:


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