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  1. This currently works on Rounded Rectangles, Ovals, and Rectangles, but not across the board as it should. It would be incredibly useful! Particularly on lines, polygons, polylines, and text objects.
  2. Are you talking about the SLVP Class options which say "Use embedded design layer viewport settings..."? I believe that's only applicable when a SLVP is looking at a DLVP. These checkmarks determine which viewport's class settings take precedence. Beyond that I don't think you can make a SLVP listen to the Navigation Palette's visibility settings like you can with a DLVP.
  3. Are these Sheet Layer Viewports? I presume they are, BUT if they happen to be Design Layer Viewports, under the Classes button in the OIP there is a checkbox called "Use Current Document's Class Visibilities" which would cause it to do what you're describing.
  4. The first thing I would check is that the visibility settings under Class Options and Layer Options are both set to Show/Snap/Modify Others, and also turn on all of your classes. For me this usually solves issues like you're describing, but if the problem persists it might be something more buggy...
  5. I have both 2015 and 2016 installed on my computer. I'm currently using 2015 most of the time due to the studio I work in. However, at least once a day while working in 2015 a popup appears informing me that 2016 is now available to download. I already have it! Stop telling me! Silly program ;-)
  6. Try holding down the "V" key while in the tool. That should temporarily show hidden classes, allowing you to click objects to turn those classes back on.
  7. Have you used the Visibility tool? Similar to the request, it allows for a quick, interactive way of changing the visibility of classes/layers simply by clicking on objects.
  8. As TuiWalker said, you should be able to do this already. In the Designer workspace "Replace with Symbol" is under the Modify
  9. I'm pretty sure that polygons by definition can't have "curves", only approximation of curves made with straight line segments. That's the difference between polygons and polylines... only polylines can have actual curved segments. Not sure what's happening in the original post though... Can't replicate it here.
  10. While on the topic of undo's... I've found that after using the nudge function (shift+arrows), trying to undo afterwards sometimes moves the object all the way back to where it started, while sometimes it undoes it one increment at a time (pixel by pixel). I haven't quite figured out the logic behind why it does it differently, but the former is definitely preferred since sometimes a simple nudge could involve moving 30-40 pixels and having to undo it one step at a time is a pain. It usually works correctly but then sometimes it reverts to the cumbersome way.
  11. I think one of the selling points of Vectorworks is that it DOES cover all of your bases. I can do my entire workflow in Vectorworks alone, and don't have to buy an additional $3500 program. Vectorworks makes it cohesive and affordable, even if every component of the program isn't perfect (I agree that there are still things which desperately need attention). Yes, it should ALSO allow you to smoothly integrate Cinema4D for more advanced rendering capabilities, but to stop developing Renderworks would be a disservice to a lot of users. My opinion as a small, independent designer is that Vectorworks is doing the right thing by developing all aspects of the program.
  12. For what it's worth, "Show Object Types" existed in previous versions too. I don't think there's anything new here?
  13. I want to download 2016 and start playing around with it, but I want to keep working in 2015 for the next few months since I'm teaching a Vectorworks class and the students are all on 2015. I know how to keep 2015 my default program for .vwx files, but I just wanted to double check that I won't have any issues with serial numbers and having both operable at the same time?
  14. I like the visual rebranding as well! (The new logo reminds me of the Los Angeles Metro logo)).
  15. While we're talking about the Publish command... it would be nice if in the list of things that can be exported on the lefthand side there were checkmarks for which types of things to display (ie. Sheet Layers vs Saved Views). Currently it shows everything, and you can sort by type, but I never NEVER export saved views so I don't even want them to show up. It would just make it simpler if I could turn them off.
  16. I think instead of approaching it from the symbol level, it could be approached via the objects within the symbol definition. Objects within a symbol should have an additional attribute option: "By Symbol". It would be similar to "By Class" but would take on whatever attributes the symbol instance is set to. Symbol instances could then be given different pen colors, for example. A symbol instance could even be set to "By Class", thereby making everything inside the Symbol listen to the class settings of the Symbol Instance. But it's all set via the objects themselves. Does that make sense?
  17. That's what I was afraid of :-/ Thanks Tim! Hopefully VW fixes this soon...
  18. Is there a way to make worksheets display dimensions this way: 4'-7" 5'-6" 9'-5 1/2" Instead of this? 4'7" 5'6" 9'5 1/2" I'm pulling perimeter data from polygons. Thanks!
  19. For me it asks if I want to preserve file hierarchy if I drag the symbol from the RB to drop into the document. If I double click the symbol instead to use the Symbol Insertion tool, it doesn't ask. So I guess it depends on how you're grabbing them from the Resource Browser. A strange distinction, in my opinion.
  20. Another thing that may be affecting file size (but not rendering time) is whether your file is set to Save Viewport Cache (Display tab under Document Preferences), meaning when you close and reopen a file you don't have to re-render a viewport. But that means it's saving those images in the file, taking up space. This probably doesn't have THAT significant of an impact though... Also, to echo a previous comment, one of the biggest perpetrators for me has been image-based textures. I've learned to never create a texture from an image without first opening the image in Photoshop and using the 'Save for Web and Devices' function to reduce filesize to as small as possible. Then I create the texture from the optimized image.
  21. This is definitely an issue I've noticed as well. It particularly sucks for students / new users who do it without realizing, then have no idea why their objects are suddenly screwed up.
  22. As far as I know, you can't make the hatch 'automatically' rotate in objects other than walls, but you CAN select the object and use the Attribute Mapping tool to rotate the orientation of the hatch within the rectangle. Notice that the name of the hatch in the Attributes Palette then displays in blue, indicating it's using local mapping. You can also edit the mapping of the hatch by click on the three dots next to the hatch selection. Hope this helps!
  23. I know it's been mentioned before... But for the Offset tool I hate having to go into the settings button to turn the Close Open Curves on and off. Needs to just be a mode button.
  24. This is an issue I've seen from time to time on colleague's Mac machines (I'm a Windows user and haven't seen this on any of my machines). BUT it's currently causing me a giant headache. I'm teaching a Vectorworks class to 12 students and want them to have the same workspace as me (I use quite a few custom shortcuts to improve efficiency). So I shared the workspace with all of them, along with some templates and favorite resource files. Of the 10 students who are using Macs, 7 of these display this annoying Navigation Palette issue! It's ridiculous! I built this workspace from scratch in 2015 last fall, so there was no version migration. I'm not even sure at this point how to solve the problem. I don't want to take the time to rebuild it since it was already a rebuilt workspace. I don't have a Mac that I could try rebuilding it on either. I have a Pro license and they're all on Educational, but that doesn't seem to be the problem since a few of the Macs work. Any suggestions?


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