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  1. Also if your goal is only to get something into Illustrator, you might instead try exporting to DWG or EPS (EPSF). Not sure what’s available in the student version’s Export menu, but those would transfer the actual vectors directly.
  2. The screenshot makes it looks like some buggy deformation is happening. (It reminds me of when Mesh smoothing causes weird polygon artifacts on meshes that have holes in them). @ericjms Were you able to find a solution? Or, could you post a file with those two objects that you're working with?
  3. The Navigation Palette simply doesn’t exist in Fundamentals (unless that’s changed in the last couple years).
  4. I'm mostly just not 😅 (all the while cursing Vectorworks for the dumb way it currently names them.) As a set designer I have to pump out many drawings quickly, meaning a file might not be used by me for long, in which case it's not always worth the time naming viewports in a useful way. Without the script to do it for me I can't really waste time on it. (Depends on the file of course.) When it comes to linking markers, I make heavy use of the search field in the Linked Viewport dropdown, which is a godsend. Hopefully one day Viewport auto-naming will exist in a smart and useful way, and until then I'll send positive thoughts in the direction of the brilliant michaelk so that perhaps a scripting solution will be found for 2021.
  5. @michaelk - Sounds like Boh is having a similar to the one I mentioned in this thread: (Also see my PM from December). Not sure what it is about the new marker tools that doesn't play well with the script...
  6. When you run the Subract Solids command and see the selection pop-up, try clicking the arrow buttons until the other object is highlighted in red. I suspect it's subtracting opposite of how you expect.
  7. Not currently possible, and frankly it's my single biggest frustration with Vectorworks. Until they implement a 3D move widget like any modern 3D program, you might try the "Move 3D" command (cmd+opt+m) which lets you type in a length to move along particular axes. Or if you need to do it interactively, it's a matter of clicking and dragging extremely carefully so it stays along the intended axis (which is often impossible in real files with lots of snap points). There's no axis restriction option.
  8. I had issues with this a few months ago and don't think I found a solution. It seemed like Solar Animations and Clip Cube did not play well together.
  9. Here's what it looks like when I try to draw walls perpendicular to each other. Let us know if you're experiencing something different. WallsPerpendicular.mov
  10. It should be a function of the "Angle Snap" which is the third snap button.
  11. Every so often I encounter this pop-up when trying to delete a class, and have never really understood the context of why it sometimes appears and sometimes doesn't. The message seems to suggest that the class is being used by a Plug-in Object, but I know this isn't the case because typically it's a class I've made myself and it hasn't been used in any special way. Today I finally realized the circumstances that cause this pop-up: objects in that class are being cut through in a Section Viewport. (Regarding the text of the pop-up... perhaps a Section Viewport is technically considered a PIO? But I wouldn't have assumed so). As it stands, I doubt a typical user understands what this pop-up means or what to do about it. It should be solved in one of two ways: 1. Make it so that you can delete these classes, and it would brute force delete the objects even if they're being cut through in the Section Viewport. -or- 2. Alter the pop-up to better describe why the class can't be deleted, such as specifically saying it's because of a Section Viewport. Note that this only applies when trying to use first option shown below, not when reassigning objects to a different class which is always possible but not the goal: VE-101608
  12. Also note that objects will only take on viewport overrides if their attributes are set to "By Class." Any attributes that are local to the object won't be altered by viewport overrides. (That's because you're overriding the class definitions, not literally overriding the attributes of any objects.) Lastly, bear in mind that it depends on the type of object as well. For example, an Extrude wouldn't show a line type with a viewport override, because Extrudes can't display linetypes in wireframe even on the Design Layer. But it would display an override of the Pen Color, for example.
  13. Oh wow, this is perfect!! Thank you! This will save me lots of time this coming weeks.
  14. I'm using the Scale Objects command to scale down a 3D model which was built in Vectorworks. I'm intentionally checking the "Entire Drawing" checkbox. Unexpectedly, this does not scale texture definitions as well, so now all of the surface textures are disproportionate to the objects. Is there another approach I could take that would also scale textures? (I'm guessing not but I figured I'd check). Currently I'm going into every single texture definition and scaling down the "Size" by the same scale factor as I did the drawing, but this is tedious.
  15. Green indicates that they are page-based linetypes. You could change them to be world-based which would make the names black, but that would also change the way they function which you likely don't want.
  16. So many issues in Vectorworks can be described this same way 😅
  17. Exporting to PDF does not exhibit this issue for me. I can open a PDF in Illustrator and lines come in as a lines with a stroke thickness, not an outline shape like in your screenshot. So it likely has to do with either Windows or 'printing' to PDF. Sorry I can't be of more help. What is your end goal with what you're trying to do?
  18. You’re correct in that solids get scaled instead of the geometry getting altered directly. And you’re not alone - accidental scaling definitely happens 🙂 Happy to have helped!
  19. It's because the Solid Subtraction has some scaling going on in the OIP: Inside the container (i.e. the Solid Subtraction) the objects are 2" apart, but because the container itself is squished that's why the dimension is only ~1 3/4".
  20. How much did the SimLab FBX Importer cost? With .3ds, did you try exporting at Low vs High quality to see if that affected the complex faceting you described? I'm not really much of a SketchUp user myself, but I often get asked by others about the best way to get Vectorworks into Sketchup, and try to advise the best I can. Thank you for sharing your experiences!
  21. Or the Opacity setting in the Attributes Palette should not be locked out for viewports. There have been a couple occasions where I've wanted a semi-transparent viewport, but it's not currently allowed.
  22. Certainly - in fact there have been frequent questions about the new tool on these forums, so the video will likely help someone else who may come across this. If I were Vectorworks, whenever there's a new tool or workflow that's substantially different than the previous version, I'd make sure that on day 1 there's a 5-minute official video explaining the new concepts clearly. Not a marketing video, but a technical how-to that would get existing users on board with the new version. An overview video like that would also be an easy thing to share when questions like this arise. (Perhaps one exists, but I haven't seen it.)
  23. For 2021 it's a completely new / different tool, so the parameters in 2021 are indeed different than previous versions; you're not 'missing' any. The tool is now Style-based which works inherently different than the old tool. It's much more flexible, though the trade-off is losing a few of the OIP-based parameters. To start, click the "Style" dropdown and choose "Replace." See if there's an existing style that has the arrangement you're looking for. If not, you'll have to modify an existing style or create your own. Think of Styles like special Symbols - they live in the Resource Manager and contain geometry, but unlike Symbols each instance can have different text and other parameters. There are many things Style-based objects can do - this is just a brief intro so let us know if this helps you get what you're trying to achieve. Happy to go into more detail.
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