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  1. On 12/17/2018 at 11:39 PM, Andy Broomell said:

    It would be nice to have control over what fields are displayed, perhaps as another parameter when you click "Manage Project/Sheet Data"? (For reference, see Spotlight Settings<Lighting Device Parameters for how this should function.) This would increase flexibility, and I'm sure CAD managers who set up standards and title blocks for larger workgroups would appreciate better control over the fields. It would also address scenarios like MSLD's.





    This was implemented in VW2020. 🙂


    In general I think Title Block Borders are one of the best improvements in the new version. You can definitely tell the team has been listening to user feedback to create a tool that works well. Thanks @Nikolay Zhelyazkov for your presence on these boards and for the hard work of you and your colleagues!

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  2. Interestingly, a small part of this wish was fulfilled in VW2020, but unfortunately not the most important thing.


    Essentially you now get a pop-up asking if/how the camera should be embedded into the viewport, but currently there's no way to connect a viewport's Point of View to a Design Layer camera. So I'm bumping this topic for VW2021.


    New pop-up:




    This is the part from my original post that we need (#1):

    On 7/9/2018 at 6:54 PM, Andy Broomell said:

    When you create a viewport there should be the following options:

    1. Leave camera on the Design Layer and LINK the viewport’s POV to this camera.
    2. Leave camera on the Design Layer and create a duplicate camera to be embedded into the viewport.
    3. Embed existing camera in the viewport (just like the current functionality).


    Confusingly the new pop-up in 2020 also uses the word "linked"... It definitely got my hopes up when I first saw it. 😁


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  3. One remaining use is if you're working in your Design Layer and have a perspective view set up (for a rendering), you can turn on Cropped Perspective which will allow to zoom in without actually moving your point of view forward in space. So your composition and perspective amount stay the same but you can zoom in closer to objects to work on them.


    Note that when using RW cameras the crop boundary matches the aspect ratio and framing of the camera object, which can be useful (and in fact, I like it better than the weird blue corner rectangles of the camera object).


    Typically though you'll want Cropped Perspective turned off when in general working mode.

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  4. @Lec - this should be possible without unstyling the TBB, but you do need to set up your Style to allow for changes in sheet size. Specifically, you'd probably want to set the "Sheet Size" and Title Block "Scale Factor" parameters to "By Instance." (And maybe "Width" and "Height" to allow for custom sizes.)


    For further details about how that all works, take a look at this tutorial I wrote for Title Block Borders.


    Doing it this way allows you to keep the benefits of having your TBB be styled, but also allows for individual changes. Hope it helps 🙂 




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  5. I also learned today that in Photoshop you can set a file to "Image<Mode<32 bits/Channel" - then when you go to Save As, you can now choose "Radiance" which will save out a .hdr file. Obviously it's not saving multiple exposure information like a true HDR, but it got me closer and it's now working in Vectorworks 👍





  6. I've seen this bug as well, particularly with cameras that are linked to / within a viewport. Didn't catch it immediately, and it really screwed me over when working with a director while we were trying to figure out camera lenses and placement for a show. Viewports would randomly switch from our custom FOV back to 59° without notice.

  7. I've actually noticed a similar thing in VW2020 - 3D objects created with a Line as the source object end up not having the ability to change their fill type. This is different than previous versions, and I would consider it a bug.


    For example, draw a line and extrude it upwards. The extrude is stuck to having no fill. It makes sense for the line to not be able to have a fill, but the resulting extrude should be able to. Same goes for your sweep object.


    As a workaround for now, you can use the little triangle flyout at the bottom of the attributes palette, and choose "Make All Attributes by Class" (since the None class has a solid fill type). This seems to make it work, even though the Attributes Palette still displays a little wonky.



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  8. 4 hours ago, mgebel said:

    I am assuming that there is a big difference between a Polygon and a Polyline, as VW defines them?


    The only difference is that a polygon (by definition) can have only straight edges, while a polyline could also have curved edges.


    But otherwise in day-to-day practice they're rather interchangeable. 

  9. 15 hours ago, mgebel said:

    It seems that when I use the Extract Face tool, I get a NURBS Surface object, which I can't manipulate with many of the basic 2d drawing tools, and can't get back into a polyline without getting a garbled approximation of the original. 


    Does any one know of a workaround for this specific problem?


    In this particular case, you may want to try checking the "Create Planar Objects" option under the Extract Tool settings, then extract the surface again. It should hopefully give you the 2D polyline you're expecting.



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  10. If this worksheet is placed in your document somewhere, another workaround could be to add the yellow highlight as a rectangle (with reduced opacity) in front of your worksheet, or put it behind the worksheet and make sure the worksheet has no fill.


    Of course this would be completely manual and have no connection to the data... but at the very least would allow you to 'highlight' individual cells.



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