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  1. Next time you see it, hover over one of the quadrants then click the gear icon. That'll take you to the settings for Smart Options Display.


    You can customize an additional keyboard shortcut in your personal workspace by going to Tools > Workspaces > Edit Current Workspace > Keys > Trigger Smart Options Display.

  2. You can select multiple symbols and then do Model > Add Solids which will glue them together into one Solid Addition. While this would allow you to map one texture across all of the panels, you would no longer have the individual symbol objects for counting in worksheets and such (if you edit the Solid Addition the panels are still inside as individual Symbols, but are effectively hidden from the rest of the program).


    This might not work on all Symbols, or might not be economical for other reasons, but it could achieve the result you describe.


    Also, in 2022 it's possible to put the screen texture on only the one front surface, whereas in previous versions the Solid Addition would only take one "overall" texture (so the content would be seen on the back side of the panels too, for example).


    An alternative approach is to have a separate extrude right in front of the LED panels.

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  3. I wish I could add the palette tabs for Lights and Cameras to the Navigation Palette, so they'd be accessible right there where my eyes are used to looking (I'd put them after the References tab, for example).


    I know Lights & Cameras are actually a part of the Visualization Palette rather than the Navigation Palette, but it would be nice to be able to combine the two to save screen real estate.





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  4. Quote


    When creating an Image Prop by bringing in an image file, Vectorworks should automatically detect whether there's an alpha channel in that image, and if so, automatically load it as an image mask. (This would apply to certain filetypes such as PNG, TIFF, TGA and PSD.)

    Whenever there's an alpha channel in a source image it's highly likely that a user wants that same alpha channel in the Image Prop. If not, they could easily switch the radio button back to "No mask."

    And if a user is importing dozens of Image Props, the 6+ extra clicks to get the mask loaded really bog down the process.



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  5. 9 minutes ago, cberg said:

    Just curious...   Without disabling unified view, where do you do draw 2D details in the 3D workspace, especially if they are at different scales? We make layers just for 2d Details, various scales.  This enables things to more easily move from file to file...


    With Unified View off, you can still have Design Layers at different scales... You just can't view them simultaneously. Vectorworks will only display visible layers that are the same scale as the Active Layer.

  6. 1 hour ago, hollister design Studio said:

    Maybe it they need to be in a different folder?


    Yes, that is likely your issue. Two things - First, let's make sure which folder is set to be your User Folder under Vectorworks Preferences. Could you screen grab that preferences screen so we can see what it's currently set to? (From your most recent screengrab I'm going to guess your User Folder is called "Libraries" since that's the root folder shown in Explorer)


    Then... within that folder, files need to be in specific locations in order to show up in the Resource Manager / Resource Selectors.


    "User Libraries" ONLY shows things with the "Defaults" and "Objects - xxx" folders, I believe. Your 13 files can't just be in the root folder.


    Alternatively, placing the files in the "Favorites" folder would make them accessible in that category. Which is what I would recommend personally.


    I don't think it's possible to have a User Library file that's not within a folder, which is why I find Favorites a little handier.

  7. 38 minutes ago, hollister design Studio said:

    I'm going to try and reproduce @Andy Broomell's file hierarchy example above!


    Don't match the hierarchy from the Migration Manager screenshot - it doesn't necessarily reflect the exact folder structure necessary for the RM to work properly.


    And unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with how Plants work to be able to help out - I know they're their own beast.


    Can you confirm whether Resource Selectors (which is the name for the mini-Resource Manager) for OTHER tools doesn't show your favorites files? For example, choosing Hatches, Linetypes, Door styles, Textures, etc. uses the same Resource Selector interface.


    Note also Resource Selectors will only show files which contain the relevant resource type. So if none of your Favorite files contain actual Plant styles, for example, that could be a reason why the Favorites category appears empty.



  8. Note the Migration Manager can include workspaces, xml files for settings, etc., while Batch Convert is just for VWX (and probably MCD) files.


    At the same time, Batch Convert has additional options for "Convert in place" and archiving the previous version, so this is clearly geared more towards migrating project files rather than libraries.

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