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  1. If you want to 'interactively' scale a Viewport (and don't care about its measurable scale) you can Group it; this allows you to grab the blue handles and stretch as desired (assuming interactive scaling mode of the selection tool is on). You can then ungroup your Viewport when it's at the size you like. This is very useful for perspective views and renderings when actual scale isn't important. Hope this helps!
  2. I'm pretty sure this was fixed in 2014. I used to have this same issue, but after updating versions I noticed that it now saves whatever file format you last used.
  3. It would great if you could right-click a Sheet Border / Title Block and in the contextual menu have the option to edit the Symbol that's being used as the Title Block. (Or at the very least "Locate Symbol in Resource Browser.") It would be similar to the current functionality when you right-click a Symbol. Right now to edit a Title Block Symbol you have to manually find it in the Resource Browser. More than once within each project I find myself wanting to adjust things other than the content of my Record Fields, and this would be a seemingly easy improvement to speed things up a little bit. Thanks!
  4. I really miss this functionality. When deleting a linetype I often find myself wanting to make the objects that were using it listen to a different linetype that already exists. Since the replacement linetype already exists, neither of those workarounds do the job. (It's kind of like merging linetypes in a way).
  5. I've encountered this same issue and unfortunately haven't found a fix. It would be lovely if Vectorworks increased functionality for multi-line fields!
  6. To tag on to this... It would be great if you could do the same with Sheet Border objects in order to quickly navigate to the Title Block Symbol. Even better, I'd like to right click the Sheet Border/Title Block and have an option to "Edit Title Block Symbol" which would take you directly into the 2D component of the Symbol. Thanks!
  7. At the very least it would be nice if it ended up in the center of the screen after creation instead of the drawing center. After creating an image prop I've typically found myself cutting and pasting in order to get it on my screen. Good suggestion!


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