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  1. kind of thought that - thanks doug
  2. easy to do a wheel turning but how do we make a object travel a straight line in animation? VW 2014 on PC thanks
  3. one of my students downloaded the 2016 VW student version and in Spotlight (well all) Workspaces the Human Figure Tool has disappeared - any Idea where it went - sort of not good to not show actors - even in the Library there are no figures
  4. how do I create single side pipes (not ladders - no rungs) in 2014 using the "lighting pipe ladder tool" or do I still need to use Plot and Model view
  5. got it - yikes that makes no sense thanks -
  6. so I just started trying out VW 14 - using the light pipe tool for first time - created the pipe - in OIP set z to 18' - then the Light insertion tool to place light - I get a snap que - but the units refuse to snap to the pipe - any ideas what I'm missing - seems like I did this fine in old versions when made own light pipe thanks doug
  7. my IT wants to test a VW 2012 file on a computer they want us to take and we don't really want - can anyone send me a nice big spotlight file with plenty of units on it to see if this machine can really render it? VW2012 and email is dwbtdmail@yahoo.com thanks doug
  8. thanks all - guess time to update to 2014 doug
  9. is there an easy way to create an instrument inventory that updates as you make changes in the plot? - or just delete and create a new one as you go thanks doug
  10. Thanks Steve that worked great happy holidays to you also doug
  11. anyone else have the altman 528 Cyc cells where the symbol is all screwed up - cells not in line and C clamp in wrong place? using VW 2012 education version and have updated service packs
  12. I know how to create a custom title block but is there some way to change the default border to be my custom one - guess I can save it as a template but would like the border tool to use my border style thanks doug
  13. michaelk thanks that works - makes a bit more math since trying to find the total length of 1by3's in my frames - but better then adding lines to everything thanks doug
  14. trying to get a worksheet to add up the total length of all the polys in my drawing - =length(t=poly) does not work - is length only lines and walls ? thanks
  15. thanks that is what I needed doug


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