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  1. Hi Alan I'd love to, but those ( at least what I've found) are external threads. I need to create internal threads into a custom diameter rod.
  2. Hi, this has been a super helpful thread, thanks to all that have contributed. I'm in a situation where I'm trying to create a 1/4-20 internal pipe thread. I've been trying to master the sweep (as instructed in this thread https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=135304) to no avail. Anyone have another way of creating the an internal pipe thread? thanks a bunch, M
  3. Hi, I'm noticing a few things I could use help with (btw, I love this forum, people are so very helpful): In a design layer I'm using a 3d symbol of a sofa, in the sheet layer, the sofa looks quite different. why is this? My 3d sofa symbol is opaque in the design layer but transparent in the viewport. I have gone in and filled it white, have added a white box underneath it and it's still transparent. any thoughts on this? thanks a bunch, Matthew
  4. Hi, wondering if anyone out there uses Blender to render anything. I seem to have no trouble exporting as a 3ds. and importing into blender, but when I go to apply textures to extruded polys, what was solid in VW is now a series of triangular shapes that are not connected. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks, Matthew
  5. mattOC

    Undo issues

    Thanks Jim, I'll try it. I'm using an apple bluetooth keyboard with no number pad.
  6. mattOC

    Undo issues

    Hi, Recently I have been having trouble with my "Undo" command. randomly, when I undo, it goes back 10 or more steps instead of 1 step backward, essentially sending me back entirely too far back in time. Glitch? Setting I can't find? anyone else have this issue? thanks, Matthew
  7. That's fantastic thanks, don't know how I missed that!
  8. I've tried every combination of selecting different, creating new, selecting all, moving the page, moving to the sheet layer.... seems like noting "does it" it just comes back when it wants to.
  9. Hi, I seem to be having an issue with the object info palette. Every so often when I select a window or a door in my active drawing, the object info palette is blank. no information comes up. I need to double click and enter the master box which is unnecessary for some of the minor changes I need to make. I have saved, closed, quit, reopened, changed workspaces and every combination. I still seem to get it speratically. Is there anything I can do to correct this? thanks, M
  10. Greetings, I was wondering if anyone knew of a 3rd party fireplace insertion tool. Thanks, Matthew
  11. Hi, I know this has been discussed but I have not been able to find a resolution. Does anyone know where to find the time in program log in VW2016? My application folder is on my HD. I save everything to my external HD or to Dropbox. I can seem to locate this elusive log anywhere? Thanks, Matthew
  12. Wish I had a copy of 2014 and as it turns out VW does not sell older versions. Looks like I'll be exporting a a 2014 package. thanks for your help. I'm curios to see how well this works out! best, Matthew
  13. Hi, Right clicking the navigation plane and clicking open did not allow me to convert anything but the batch converting worked perfectly. Thanks a bunch. The next challenging part is saving all of these referenced files, as the other person working on this doc works in VW 2014. What's the best way to export all of these and not mess anything up? thanks for all your help, Matthew
  14. Hi, I have a master construction file and 2 referenced files linked to them. They were created in VW 2014 when I open the construction doc (in VW 2016) it asks me to manually locate the referenced docs. When I find them, I get this message" "This file is not in the format used by the application version that you are running, so the file cannot be referenced." How do I fix this? do I need to pen each referenced file, not reference anything and resave as a 2016 version, then re link? Thanks, Matthew
  15. Hi Jim, Nope, not using saved views, I'm convinced this is a glitch. I have upgraded to 2016 so let's hope this has been resolved. Might it have something to do with my graphics card? Thanks, Matthew
  16. Hi Art, All of the classes in both the design layer and the sheet layer were set to visible. I did create the VP through he drop down menu View>Create Viewport and all of the objects were 2D as I was drawing a room elevation. The only was I have been able to resolve this is through copying the entire page, starting a dew document and pasting it over.
  17. Howdy, For some reason when I switch between the design layer I'm working on and their viewports in the sheet layer, some objects disappear. Specifically what happens is I draw something in the design layer. Switch to the sheet layer and a bunch of objects are missing. When I go back to the design layer, they're no longer there either. I then have to undo a few times to get back to where I was. I have checked all class visibilities for all design and sheet layers and can't find out how this is happening. Has anyone else experienced this?
  18. I agree, an auto class override would be superb. I just found the problem. Though the component difference between the walls is the thickness, one wall thickness was set to pen/fill by class and the other had a specified line color. I realize this is rudimentary problem that I should have caught earlier but I don't think I would have gotten there without everyone's help so thanks a bunch.
  19. From what I can tell, all of the objects are currently using the class settings. The demo class in the viewport is set to dashed lines and some of the walls exhibit this and some do not. It's extremely perplexing
  20. This thread is pretty terrific. I have a class visibility related issue and this group seems like the right place to try and get it resolved. For some reason, my demo classes are acting inconsistent. I have multiple doors and walls in a plan, and though they're in the same class, they're not all exhibiting the same line color and weight attributes in the viewport. That is to say , in the SL viewport, I have changed all of the demo classes to dashed lines. In the design layer all of these doors and windows are in the right demo classes, but in the VP only some of them exhibit dashed lines. Any reason why this would be?
  21. OK, I can see the usefulness of that. thanks for responding!
  22. Greetings, I'm trying to understand the advantage of a DLV over a SLV. would seem that besides being able to reference other files (which I understand has the potential for big problems) there doesn't seem to be much advantage. Can someone explain to me the real use of a DLV? thanks, M
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