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  1. Hi Tried that but didn't work. Looks like it should have. I was thinking that the text could be corrupt. But it did open up OK in VW10.5 before the upgrade! PhilB
  2. How do I choose a 'new unused font'? Vectorworks currently has no font mappings to edit.
  3. Hi I created a drawing in VW 10.5 which used the Swiss 721 font. However, in VW2009 this opens in a series of boxes for each letter! This is for a corporate document used by my client, so am needing save files as VW2009 to make amendments. I am using OSX 10.6 so VW 10.5 won't work now. New drawings created in VW2009 display Swiss 721 OK. I have opened the file in VW viewer 2010 and still get the 'box font'. Also, I have just downloaded VW viewer 2011 which displays a chinese looking text. Any ideas? Need this to be sorted quickly if poss. Cheers. Phil B
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