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  1. Only a couple of years late from me but thank you very much!
  2. Hi I'm having problems with products designed and modelled in Solidworks, then exported as parasolids for importing into Vectorworks. Essentially, they are taking ages to render or crash when rendering. Is there a way to optimise the parasolids on either export or import? Or after import before rendering? Or is there a better workflow/export option for Solidworks to Vectorworks? (I'm just the Vectorworks user, and the products I'm importing have been modelled by someone else so I can't explore the Solidworks options). Thanks.
  3. Thanks a lot for this, it's much appreciated. I've just emailed you the file to the address on your profile.
  4. Help! I used a download trial version of Vectorworks 2011 before installing a copy of 2010 that I couldn't install until I had fixed my DVD drive. On the last day of my trial I exported all my files as 2010 versions - but forgot one, perhaps the most important! Is anyone will to convert my file back to 2010 - It would be greatly appreciated.
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