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  1. thanks, alan. so, you are saying use slabs rather than floors? what is the difference?
  2. when i saw jim's initial response i got excited about being able to create transparent image layers! then i tried it, and became confused. and now disappointed. where can i learn what alpha transparency means in vectorworks? and if cberg is correct, and transparent layers still are not possible, can his wish be moved back to the wish list? thanks for any effort to clarify this for me. ray
  3. yeah, this is an annoyance that i encounter frequently and am dealing with right now (but never get around to listing it as a wish). but, i do wish that 3d solids appeared solid in top/plan, using the same fill and line as their class. i get tired of taken extra steps as michael is describing. in the mean time i find the auto hybrid best, but sometimes make floors, or sometime simply draw a rectangle over the extrude. but, i wish i didn't have to do this. thanks, julie, for reminding me to come on here and say that. ray
  4. yes, bruce. i was just now going to add this...transparent backgrounds, either as png or as a psd. i like the possibilities in artistic renderworks, shaded polygons, etc. but, there isn't much flexibility in combining effects. if rendered views could be exported with transparent backgrounds, separate images (say sketch outline, shades surfaces, shadows...) could be layered in an imaging or painting program, then finished. i am not a fan of the phoney realism that many rendering programs, including renderworks, are focusing on. more flexibility in composing visual representation is something i badly need. cheers, ray
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