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  1. Dear All, Does anyone know if there is an option of hiding the axis when viewing a 3D model? Kind Regards Ian Smith
  2. Michael, Fabulous. Many thanks Ian
  3. Dear fellow users, I'm working on a house using Vectorworks/Renderworks and currently having a problem with lighting. I'm using small spot lights to create a mood lighting effect which works really well, but when finished i have the light glow, but also the light symbol...I need a way to hide the light symbol. Any help very welcome. Ian Smith Vectorworks 2011
  4. Ian, Thanks. I will get on to it as soon as possible. Best Wishes Ian
  5. Ian/Tasmin. Thanks for the feedback. My system is as follows: HP Compaq 8100 Elite CMT PC Intel ® Core 660@3.333GHz 3.47 GHz RAM 4.00GB 32-Bit operating System I'm using Vectorworks 2011 with Renderworks. I gather from the above details it would be helpful for me to upgrade to a 64-Bit operating system with improved RAM? Thanks again for the priceless feedback. Best Wishes Ian
  6. I have created a model in renderworks set in final quality render to create an 'along path' animation. I set all the views and set the PC running. Expected time 4 hours to generate. After 4hrs and 45 min a message pops up saying out of memory. Does anyone have any idea (other than buying a better PC) that can stop this occuring? Thanks Ian
  7. Hi Robert and BCD. Thanks for he advice. Got it sorted. Still building the model. Adding trees and hedges at the moment before i set up the animation. Yet another weekend waiting for the animation to generate. Thanks Ian
  8. Hi Group. I'm trying to draw a small building which will eventually be used to create an animation. The building is 3m diameter and very small, but when i use the cylinder or curved wall tool the size of the drawing jumps from 500kb to over 15mb and runs very slow. This happens even when i add just one small curved wall? Tired and frustrated (and working another weekend in York) Help or advice appreciated. Ian
  9. Dear Forum, I'm working on a new house with a curved wall. I have used the curved wall tool, but when modeling in 3D the whole drawing slows down and progress is slow. Does anyone have an easy fix? Many Thanks from a late night operator..
  10. Hi Forum, When i draw a wall (using 3D wall tool) i cant edit the attributes? and its seems to be read only in the attributes box? any ideas how i can change this? Ian
  11. Thanks for the help. As you can tell I'm new to all this.
  12. Tasmin, Thanks for this. Sorry to pester you, but when i have the selected drawing how do i print to scale? Ian
  13. Dear Forum, I'm working on Vectorworks 2011 and have a printing issue. When i go to print i want to print a certain part of the drawing using 'selection' option, but this is not possible. I can only print All, Pages, or current view. Does anyone have a solution to this basic problem? Ian Smith


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