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  1. Hi all - I'm at a small (currently PC/AutoCAD) design office and we're seriously considering making the jump to Mac/VW. In advance of making a decision, I've been playing around with VW for a few days on a new MacBook Pro / NVidia Geoforce 330 / 4GB ram. Quite frankly, the experience has been a little disappointing. The biggest issue so far is just plain regen speed which (for me) seriously impacts pan, zoom, regen, move, copy, etc commands. As an example, zooming in on a drawing consisting of (1) line seems to create a regeneration issue, VW looks like it is making lines out of raster graphics. I was previously dreaming of running VW here on Mac Minis but now that doesnt' seem possible. Do I need Mac Pros? Why does VW demand so much graphics performance? Am I missing something? ANY advice appreciated. bc
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