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  1. My resource manager expands and collapses a few times after initial opening and then gets stuck open. I try clicking on the "+" symbol and it is not responsive. I have also tried turning off / on the resource palette with no success. The only fix is to restart the app but again that only lasts for a short while then the resource palette gets stuck open again. Anyone else experiencing this issue? iMac Pro OS ver10.15.7 VW 2022 SP3.1
  2. Not sure the reasoning for making this feature more complicated then it needs to be. I'm tired of having to come to this forum for help on so many aspects of 2018.
  3. Hello all, Looking for good symbol resources for people / figures, etc. Not 100% happy with Entourage figures. Any recommendations would be appreciated. gs
  4. Hello all, Looking for some good symbol resources for musical instruments, backline, band layouts, etc. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  5. Just checked, same error message in Spotlight and Fundamentals.
  6. Morning all, I am getting a page move "error" message when I try to use it. Asks me to make sure "plug ins" in in the apps folder which it it is. Just wanted to check if there were any quicker fixes out there then reinstalling the software. Regards, gs
  7. Thanks for the refresher. I thought there was a way. Regards, Glen
  8. Thanks Michael, I should have posted I know how to do it file by file but for some reason some reason I thought there was a "batch" way to do this. Maybe I have that wrong.
  9. Can someone be so kind as to refresh me how to quickly bring in my custom resource libraries from 2012 to 2013. I know there is a way and I should remember it, but alas I cannot. Any input would be appreciated.
  10. Looking where I could find / buy decent vehicle symbols, specifically a satellite truck symbol.
  11. I am using VW2012 and currently my drape tool is running painfully slow. Initial, draw, edit, nudge. All functions relating to the soft goods are slow. All other 3D aspects seem fine, speed wise. Never experienced this particular issue with 2010. I have done some of the obvious things such as rebooting. Any insights would be appreciated.
  12. Is there any quick way to import my current resource list from 2011 into 2012? Any insights will be appreciated.
  13. Any recommendations for 3D band / instrument symbols as well as 3D people. thx, gs
  14. Anyone know how to adjust the skirt height for screen dress kits? I only see adjustments for valance height and wing width. Words of wisdom appreciated.
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