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  1. Seriously, in addition to Yoginathaswami's recent topic post a Vectorworks iPad and Android App would be a very good idea. Even as a place-holder a simple port of something like minicad 6 could probably be achieved in a week by a small reasonably skilled team [unfortunately i don't have such skills-yet]as there are approximately 2 available cad apps on each platform neither of which has the already existing user base of Vectorworks. in addition to this I'm sure you're already aware autocad is soon to be release an iPad and iPhone app. -which is a little frustrating as i've always considered vectorworks to be the historically more innovative interface. as an architect on site/and an often moving designer the ability to sketch in cad whilst mobile would be invaluable! even simply the ability to view and pan around emailed dwg files on site would be greatly appreciated. currently the iPad is presented as a device for consuming media, however it's potential as a sketchpad, as a tool for creating is i feel vastly under appreciated. at this point seeing as there's a very small but growing number of apps for creating appearing vectorworks adoption will have to be quick to take advantage of this. iPad development is fairly obvious- especially as vectorworks has succeeded as one of the few cross platform systems. however, the range of tablets existing (predating the ipad) and appearing on the vastly adopted Android platform should be recognised as an opportunity to stake a presence apparently not yet appreciated by autocad. at a more conceptual level the long awaited ability to reconnect drawing input and visual output presented by the humble touchscreen has been long awaited. the input of your finger or stylus, and the output of the line are now almost in the same place, whereas currently mouse and screen are two very different places. although small tablets represent the first available return of the concept of CAD on a drawing board. -this isn't even considering the possible use of built in accelerometers and other such sensors to view/manipulate 3d objects. the one single largest obstacle people consider is input accuracy, but this is a problem even i can solve. on a personal note i would be more than happy to be involved in your dev process -even and especially for experimental builds from ui suggestions to testing. if there are any established would-be porting experimenters looking to resolve the issue of screen input accuracy please email as i believe i might have a simple solution that could give you the edge over other packages. i hope this gets read by a capable engineer. sam0
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