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  1. @jeff prince@unearthed

    I'll do some experiments, stay tuned!


    But here is the summary of what I've discovered so far (on a local level)

    When using an sqlite file, I modify the sqlite file in an open source sqlite file editor - something like



    I add tables to it specifically to what I need (I.E. product database with insulation characteristics, or pricing tables, or zoning / building code reference database and I link the database to record information in VW in read only mode.


    When i assign that record to an object - it does not update immediately, i have to use the update vectorworks database in order for it to choose. The table above was an experiment of sqlite database reference - and in large databases, a search query or search by record would be fundamental to using ODBC.


    The part that is annoying is that I can change a record in the sqlite file upon entering the information, but I cannot update the object upon selecting the record, which is a bit frustrating.




    I'll try using ODBC with mysql hosted on a local docker vm and update my progress soon.


  2. Can someone please explain this to me? We can host SQL servers to carry database information???? 😁


    Does that mean I can host an MYSQL Server on docker and use it for referencing and crossreferencing databases?



  3. 18 minutes ago, Nikolay Zhelyazkov said:

    - I am happy to have helped! If we go for Bulgarian it is "Благодаря" 🙂


    - Have you tried setting the text wrap of the objects in the tag layout? I think that this might be what you are looking for. If this is not the case, can you give me some more details on what exactly do you mean?


    @Nikolay Zhelyazkov

    In that case, Благодаря !  🙂


    Also regarding your question - see screenshot below. This is a comparison between a tag vs a annotation callout . A callout has toggles, but no database reference.

    It would be nice to resize text like a callout in a limited size viewport in case it is needed.


    (also, I have a hunch that a future feature - legends will work very similarly to a tag, only summarizing in bulk all of the elements referenced...might eliminate this need entirely if the text in the legends can be resized similarly...


    I also have a hunch that you are also directly related to that feature!....but alas, it is only a hunch! 😁 )




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  4. 3 hours ago, Tom W. said:

    @Samuel Derenboim see: 



    Can be used to tag materialmanufacturer, materialreferenceID, etc as well. Unless it's a Compound Material in which case you can only return the Description, Mark + Keynote fields as far as I can tell


    Thank you for letting me know! Posted a formula for regular geometry as well.


    Will be very useful in the future for detail call outs (creating a custom set). Originally intended on using symbols with custom records for annotation and callouts.

    I also noticed a custom record option in materials - it would be interesting to see how that works as well! I will keep experimenting

  5. Each detail would be a separate symbol. (to me sheet does not mean sheet layers). If by sheet you mean what is in the design layer viewport - then yes.


    Detail number for the detail works, but if it can be detail + drawing name (i.e. . But I will rename each symbol to be the detail name later if we cant do baseflashing for wall deck. etc... (like it is in the detail itself, that would be even better). But if you can't, it's not a big deal.


    Yes, I think you summarized my intent correctly.


    Modified Bitumin would be the parent folder if it only had symbols inside. Modified bitumin is part of an Asphaltic line of details, so it would be best to inherit the folders inside the base folder. I.e. Lets say Asphalt Details => Modified Bitumin => DWG symbols.


    Thank you again!!!!!

  6. @Pat Stanford





    Pardon my non specificity.


    So this is the way i did it previously - import dwg batch - > in advance preferenced i was able to set all lines to black and white. What it doesnt do is import the dwg files into their respective folders.



    Then another method came up - using import symbol (batch command)





    It in turn created all subfolders in the directory!






    what it doesn't have the option to do is convert lines to black and white as shown below




    But most importantly, it eliminates the name of the detail, and detail no. of the mfg.


    Now if i import the detail as a layer and not as a symbol - it provides all of the information that was in the record (see below)



    My concern and original question is


    1. How do i preserve the record information upon import as a 'symbol'

    2. convert all lines to black and white

    3. distribute all symbols in their respective sub-folders when importing from a directory with subfolders


    Polylines, rectangles etc.. preferably shouldn't be exploded to retain hatches or fill. i only asked because if the symbol would be converted to group, the information would be retained. But that was a sort of convoluted way of going about it.










  7. 21 minutes ago, Pat Stanford said:

    Basically No.


    The internal VW scripting model only runs in a single file. This applies to Marionette, Vectorscript, and Python. That means that you can not start a script and have it open a different VW File and manipulate that file.


    Long ago I wrote an AppleScript that took a folder of VW files and opened each one and then ran a Vectorscript to export each file to a DWG file.


    Something similar could probably be done for your import thing, but since you are on Windows, you don't have the AppleScript option.


    If this is a one time conversion project I might be able to help. If this is an ongoing need, then I don't have any other great ideas.


    Thank you for your response regarding this matter! unfortunately yes this is ongoing. Ok, ill drop that idea, however i noticed that with import symbol (batch) - vectorworks can import dwg files by folder quite seamlessly, however there are still a few things i want it to do while it is importing which is -


    batch import = > explode all symbols = > convert all lines to black = > proceed with import

  8. I'm Having a bit of an issue with importing dwg files as symbols as it does not do a few things i prefer like :


    1. import folder structure the dwg subfolder directory

    2. import / convert to group any elements that have record information (normally does not import record information as nested symbol)

    3. name all symbols by record name (inside of symbol) rather than file name of dwg file.


    I thought about going about it a little differently -


    batch convert to vwx in place, and then reimport every vwx file as a symbol.


    Another workaround can be convert bulk dwg files in place - but with every action save extents of imported layer as symbol


    I feel like this can be done with the marionette tool - however i do not see any nodes for :

    1. creating symbols

    2. opening vwx files

    3. converting design layer to symbol


    Is this possible?

  9. 4 hours ago, Pat Stanford said:

    I agree with Christiaan.  The people at VW are trying to do the best job they can with the resources they have. I am certain that the sales/marketing/management at VW are aware of all the options and impacts that this change will have. They have watched the industry move in the subscription direction for years. They are not suddenly going to a new model that no-one has ever tried before. And based on their research and experience they are doing what they think will best benefit VW.


    If it benefits VW then it must also benefit (or at least not harm) the majority of users. Will it be the right thing for all existing users. Absolutely not. Will it be the right fit for many on this thread? Based not he responses, probably not. But the users of this forum are a tiny fraction of the total number of users.


    And please give the VW people some credit. I am sure this was worked on for a very long time. None of us like it when someone with no understanding of the requirements or site conditions criticizes our designs that were done to the best of our ability. VW personnel feel the same about this.


    My $0.02. Written for my personally, not in my role as a moderator or in any way representing VW.


    I agree, the people that develop the software I am sure that they are in 100%.


    Your help alone in these forums helps a tremendous amount. The fact that the programers/developers in VW also participate in the conversation is a huge deal.


    Having said that, how will the subscription system help ?

    Is it intended to increase the development team? or provide better updates? Will your salaries increase due to this condition?


    If so, couldn't that simply be solved by increasing the price for entry for permanent licenses - and why will that option no longer work?


    At the end of the day, is it the development team that determines whether or not features get released? or whether it is the appropriate time to release them? or is it management? I just am under the guise that management is divorced from development despite how well intentioned and passionate the team is...unless I am mistaken, then Ill certainly eat my words.

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  10. 9 hours ago, shorter said:

    there was another that reversed that result…

    Can you share a source?


    Also regarding my assessment wasn't regarding a hunch, but rather demand. Go to Archinect or any other website that provides job listings.


    On Archinect, search for vectorworks as a keyword. Only 26 jobs available throughout all of United states ( not sure if it covers UK).

    Do they same for Autocad.  673 results. Revit renders 764 results. Archicad renders 45.


    Total search results: 1508

    Autocad - 44.4 %

    Revit - 50.6%

    Archicad - 3 %

    Vectorworks - 1.7 %


    These are real-time numbers that currently list jobs available today.


    As a reseller of VW, I understand your position, but at least be fair.

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  11. Hi everyone, I don't seem to be able to find a node that can create symbols. I did manage to find one that was written by domc, but it only creates a symbol in 3d space. Code is below.


    Is there any way i can modify the configuration so that the objects being inserted go to 2d space, not 3d? I am trying to create a marionette program that creates symbols from groups - that have certain records. There has been other ones that have been done with creating symbol by object name (including groups) but it only works on single objects, groups do not show up in the 2d annotation space, thus disappearing


    #DomC v001

    class Params(metaclass = Marionette.OrderedClass):
        By = 'DomC';import datetime; now = datetime.datetime.now(); y80f5 = now.year;m80f5 = now.month; d80f5 = now.day; h180f5 = now.hour; mi180f5 = now.minute; s180f5 = now.second; ms180f5 = now.microsecond; h280f5 = h180f5-12 if h180f5 >=13 else h180f5; VersionChange1 = str(y80f5)+' '+str(m80f5)+' '+str(d80f5); VersionChange2 = str(y80f5)+'-'+str(m80f5)+'-'+str(d80f5)+'-'+str(h280f5)+'-'+str(mi180f5);
        TextStatic = Marionette.OIPControl( By +' v'+VersionChange2, Marionette.WidgetType.TextStatic, "")
        this = Marionette.Node( "Create Symbol" )
        this.SetDescription( 'Creates a new Symbol' )
        h_obj =  Marionette.PortIn(vs.Handle(0))
        h_obj.SetDescription( "symbol content (one object) if empty, an empty 3D (3D Locus) symbol will be created" )
        s_name = Marionette.PortIn('Symbol-1')
        s_name.SetDescription( "the symbol name" )
        s_sym = Marionette.PortOut()
        s_sym.SetDescription( "the result symbol name" )
        h_sym = Marionette.PortOut()
        h_sym.SetDescription( "handle to the newly created symbol" )

    def RunNode(self):
        obj = self.Params.h_obj.value
        name = self.Params.s_name.value
        h = vs.LNewObj()
        h_sym = vs.GetObject(name)
        vs.SetParent(obj, h_sym)
        self.Params.s_sym.value = name
        self.Params.h_sym.value = h_sym



    I think the problem lies with the create symbol node. See screenshots below. Seem like i just need a create symbol node with more properties, or just a 2d symbol node.


    1. Design layer space




    3d view space



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