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  1. That's strange. I think I might have thought of another workaround, but also not sure if this is possible. Records can normally be changed from worksheets if they are referenced in the worksheets properly. Once referenced, the information in the records show up in the cells via database can then the record entries can be revised remotely. Is it possible to setup a script so that the areas are calculated and are printed in the cell with the record? i.e. lets say referenced cell 1 is 5, referenced cell 2 is 10, referenced cell 3 is an empty entry from the record. Could a function be inserted into the database object column to calculate the addition of cell 1 and cell 2 and print it into the empty cell record format? in other words - =(record.recordfunction) is equal to =(a+b) I'm not sure if I phrased it correctly.
  2. Just curious, why is it that in a record format - if i enter a formula for say 30/5 = it prints out an answer, but if i try to reference the field, it doesn't modify it?
  3. just tried that, ha, I didn't even know you posted. The only problem is that it doesn't update, and each worksheet requires an individual room to calculate. Or do you think its possible to use one worksheet to create different solutions in different symbols? What database information would you use?
  4. I just found a possible workaround - but it involves alot of worksheets. If you were to say create 1 symbol for every space type, and enter different values for each space - using functions inside of the worksheet can reference those values - and calculate the number of occupants. However, because it has to be distributed by room name - each room requires a separate worksheet. Additionally, you have to update the worksheet calculation every time you modify the record entries. Any way to update all worksheets at once?
  5. Hello again, I am looking to create a formula inside a record format to display in a symbol...Is this possible? I can't seem to be able to do it. In other words - lets say you have a custom format record with 4 or 5 different entries. They're linked back in a symbol to relay the information. But lets say in the record format I would like to create a mathematical formula that uses record 1 and 2 and show the solution in number 3? What I am trying to do is to create a custom symbol that will allow me to calculate the number of people using different occupancies for the building code. So lets say I have an area of 300 sq. ft. (I.e. record 1) and have an occupant load of 30 sq. ft. per person (i.e. Record 2), I want the occupant load to be calculated in record 3 by using the entries of record 1 and record 2. Is this possible?
  6. Thank you for that! Ill try to attach IFC records to objects from now on, seems it might work to get a clean model out.
  7. Just trying to render it in sketchup using Vray. I also don't have the render works feature yet, so I don't know if that limits me in my choices for export...does it?
  8. The purpose is to render it using Vray and Sketchup. For Collada export - do I need render works? Just curious though, why does 3ds export so poorly?
  9. Just curious, I am having major issues exporting a vectorworks 2016 model into 3d. If I go the IFC route, none of the geometry for walls or nurbs exports. If I export to 3ds, the windows are destroyed, and the walls start flying all over the place. Is there a single way to export all geometry and walls from Vectorworks 2016 without major problems??? Thanks you in advance for any comments !!
  10. Ok, just verified. In 2015 - If i do extract surface to NURBS - you are correct - it doesn't show anything. But my extract surface tool was configured to creating 'planar objects' while my VW 2016 was not. By creating planar objects - it creates a polygon along the surface of the geometry instead of a nurbs surface - which in turn can be hatched. If I do the same in 2016, it does the same exact thing. Thank you for your help!
  11. Are you also analyzing files that export to 3ds? I've had a lot of trouble with that as well. Some of the walls start flying all other the place and I have to either eliminate them in sketchup or export it directly in IFC. But both require modifications in order to properly start modifying the 3d file after export
  12. but it is possible it could be creating a polygon, and not a nurbs surface. I'd like to confirm, because I did it very quickly.
  13. Yea, I did it a few times yesterday. I'm in Windows 7. I also have SP4.
  14. Hm, that's strange. I used the same exact process as I did with VW 15. Take a regular wall, extract surface - apply tile. In VW 15 it works, in VW 16 it does not. I however have not checked if the extracted surface was a nurbs surface or a polygon. I checked that in 16 it is a nurbs surface, but will double check in 15 once more. I know VW in 16 also uses new worksheet reference commands, so that could have changed as well. Will give an update tomorrow, for today Im taking on the famous ARE exam Thank you!
  15. Is it me, or has the 3d tiles function been eliminated from Vectorworks Architect 2016 without Renderworks? In Vectorworks 2015 (without Renderworks), if I were to extract a surface, I could still apply a 3d tile to it, view the 3d tile in 3d and if i wanted to view it in a viewport, - if i check the view planar objects checkbox. In Vectorworks 2016, I can no longer add tiles to a nurbs surface or view it in 3d (if I do not have Renderworks). Is this a bug? or something that was eliminated from the previous version? Thank you in advance.
  16. Hello everyone, Another problem here with worksheets. In VW 2015 any options that were referenced by worksheets in a database had the possibility of being changed remotely by using the referenced worksheet entry. In other words - say you had a 2 hour rated wall, and wanted to call out all walls of the same type back to 1 hour, you could do so via worksheet database reference. Could anyone please confirm this is not the case anymore in VW 2016? The entries now are just greyed out, and cannot be modified using the worksheets. If so, could this be revised? It was a very useful function. I Just want to make sure it's not me. Also, might have mention this in another post, but not sure how to submit a bug report - but the curtain wall problem with the callouts - also is a problem with calling out curtain wall information in the worksheets as well. Just wanted to make sure it could get to Nemetschek properly. Last but not least - I have noticed very sluggish behavior when referencing pdf files in sheet layers in VW 2016 that doesn't happen in VW 2015. Also something to look into. Thank you in advance!! -Samuel
  17. Wes, Id like to also let you know that it's not showing up on the worksheets as well. Meaning - its not just the mark and callout, any information attached to the curtain wall cannot be called out in worksheets or wall style reports
  18. Hello everybody, For Vectorworks 2016, is it just me, or does the ID label tool not work on typical curtain walls? Before the 1st Service pack, my id label tool didn't work at all, however after the service pack (1) for VW 2016 it works on regular walls but not on curtain walls. This is considering that the Mark id is filled in under the wall style in all cases. Could anyone help me out please? Thank in advance!
  19. Hm...for some strange reason it keeps repeating this operation. It works on a section viewport but not a design layer viewport. It only works with convert to lines - and even then it doesn't keep the viewport box size it just simply creates a whole new line drawing of the entire layer that its referencing.
  20. Thats interesting. Does it do this for Vectorworks 2008? It disappears soon after i perform that function.
  21. Hey everyone, I have used Vectorworks for a while, however i still can't seem to wrap my head around a few Vworks functions. Is there a way to create a design layer viewport and convert it to polygons like the section viewport? The reason why i want to use design layer viewports is that because i don't use 3d capabilities of vectorworks, instead I draw out whole building sections in 2d and just reference the connections or required details via the main section cut through design layer viewports which i then annotate differently. That way if i need to change something all i need to change is one detail section. Now I have a problem - I need to export to autocad and when my design layer viewports export as to dwg the details do not remain, only the main section cut does. Is there a way i would be able to go around this problem?
  22. That sucks. Is it really that hard to implement????
  23. I have checked almost everywhere on the forums, but either way perhaps this might have been addressed. Is there a way to be able to reference in place drawing files so that if a dwg file is updated - so is that reference in Vectorworks? This could really enhance workflow for standalone users in offices that use autocad but users who want to use vectorworks. Please let me know if this is the case - it would be my biggest motivator to buy it for myself.
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