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  1. Perhaps I'm not aware, but I don't think there is a way to add multiple nurbs surfaces into one monolithic modifiable surface without creating a geometric object? (this is what happens when you compose those surfaces)

    common workaround is to use the divide by distance tool and then redoing the nurbs surface, however the process is quite cumbersome of redoing the entire surface if you have a lot of segments. Just wanted to put that out there.

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  2. is there an easy, fast way to divide a polyline into segments? i.e. lets say you have a polyline with curves - segment it by distance or number of points that convert it into a segmented polyline made up of straight lines? This would be incredibly useful for making clean nurbs lines that can be lofted with an equal number of segments. (currently I need this for recreating a ceiling from a point cloud object/file)

  3. On ‎9‎/‎20‎/‎2016 at 3:14 PM, Tom Klaber said:

    After fighting it for years - out of the blue the partners here have decided that we are going "Full On BIM."  We are moving from a 2D only workflow (a basic one at that) - no plugin objects - no walls or doors.  Any advice on the transition? Any missteps to try and avoid?


    I couldn't recommend it more. Its a bit of a learning curve to move from 2d to 3d however I couldn't be more happier with the BIM element. The only problem youll face later on is figuring out how to share information in drawing format. It's especially useful because recently renderworks was recently fully integrated into vectorworks architect and the hatch / texture feature is incredible! among various space features.


    What you mentioned about annotation earlier...now you can set additional 'annotation' layers to the same story plane as your design layers, and you can fully separate annotation from the BIM model itself. Youll need a fairly powerful computer for most of the operations though...although ill admit, much less powerful than a revit workstation. Good luck!

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  4. I have done the experiment, so far so good. The sketchup file is strictly intended for importing textures, I doubt that any information would be sent back to the sketchup file given that it is only imported, no information is actually written to the file itself. I've done this in the latest version so far, the only comment I have about textures is figuring out how to scale them to their real world size at the same time. But I doubt that's necessary. Looks like ill be experimenting....I'll share some      resource's soon! Thanks for your help!



  5. 3 hours ago, michaelk said:


    Since the change in the forum last month, it looks like all of the posted files from the old forum are (temporarily ?) missing.

    I didn't remember how I did this, but thanks to the magic of Spotlight, a search for "Space Max Occupancy" found it!

    Just tried it in 2017 and it still works.  In the worksheet enter a number in the sq ft per person column and then run the script.  A new value will appear in the Max Occupancy column and in the space label.




    Space Occ per Sq Ft.vwx


    Beautifully written! I'm trying to decipher the script - Setrfield can only be done in a script? or in a worksheet as well?

    I can see how you used the variables and recalled the record information to place the calculation into 'Space'.'11_User-Def Info 1', I'm wondering if that's possible in just the worksheet. You basically temporarily change the string value of 'Space'.'11_User-Def Info 1' from text to num which is incredible. Can we just modify it in the parametric record toolbar??? :))))

    Thank you!

  6. Does anybody know how to do this? I have hundreds of textures that i would like to make libraries from. I have found a workaround - by using sketchup as a mass importer, and then import that file into Vectorworks. I was curious if there was a direct way of doing this? or perhaps a script that scans a directory and updates a library?

  7. On 11/28/2015 at 9:19 PM, michaelk said:


    I think something like this will do what you need.

    If you only needed it to appear on a worksheet then it would be a simple call with some math: =(Space.Area/30) DIV 1

    But to get it to appear in the label, you need to put one of the user defined fields in the label and run a simple script to update the contents of that field.

    The attached simple example assumes that each space could have a different square-feet-per-person rating.

    Just add a space object, alter the size of an existing space object, or change the values in the Sq Ft per Person column. Then run the script called 'Space Max Occupancy'.

    This should give you the idea. Season to taste.



    Michael, I'm very curious about this. I surprisingly didn't know you made a script for this, and I posted this a year ago, so unfortunately its a bit embarrasing for me to ask - would it be possible to share the script one more time? Or perhaps there's a function i don't see to download that attachment? 

  8. Good evening everyone, 

    I have a question regarding the space tool. With the latest version of vectorworks - some issues regarding space tools have been drastically improved - like the custom locations of boundaries for the space tool.

    I started playing around with it, and I have a question for everyone regarding it. There is a string inside the space tool called "formula" that allows for calculations to be done between two strings so long as there are hashtags around them. I.E. =#GrossArea#/#OccupantLoad# returns a calculation that can be displayed inside the symbol. I am attaching a sample file here. Is the formula string the only string that allows for this to be done? or is there a way to turn on a regular text string to use multiple formulas in one symbol. The reason for this is when calculating day care spaces for example, there need to be multiple displayed factors shown on the plans inluding occupancy for kids, number of security guards, teachers, etc... that requires multiple calculations. Could anyone help please??

    Thanks in advance!


    *note : some of you might not have vw 2017, i'm attaching v2016 inside as well.

    occupancy calculation test.vwx

    occupancy calculation test v2016.vwx

  9. Thank you for the tutorial. Quick question though, is it possible to incorporate mathematical equations into the space label, and is it possible to add additional records into the space record format?

    In my jurisdiction I need to create spaces that show the dimensions of the space and calculate the number of people permitted per space. So lets say I have a requirement of 30 SF per person, id like to add an additional record that dynamically adds this to the space label once the dimensions are revised. The inputs for additional miscellaneous notes does not calculate equations, but the equation record does. Then I need to extract this information into a worksheet that access the database record of the space label. I'd like to do this without manually revising result, but rather have the label output it automatically.

    Could this be done? Or would I need to do this via marionette tool?

    Thank you in advance


  10. Yea, I was hoping to avoid that. That's one of the solutions that I figured might be possible.

    There are 2 other solutions which are a little rugged.

    1st solution is to create a "master worksheet" that references all this information, calculates and tabulates it, and then using design viewports - crop the areas that are for that room only.

    The second solution is to create a separate worksheet for every room to calculate each condition separately, or reference a master worksheet. But both solutions are a bit crude.

  11. That's strange.

    I think I might have thought of another workaround, but also not sure if this is possible.

    Records can normally be changed from worksheets if they are referenced in the worksheets properly. Once referenced, the information in the records show up in the cells via database can then the record entries can be revised remotely.

    Is it possible to setup a script so that the areas are calculated and are printed in the cell with the record?


    lets say referenced cell 1 is 5, referenced cell 2 is 10, referenced cell 3 is an empty entry from the record. Could a function be inserted into the database object column to calculate the addition of cell 1 and cell 2 and print it into the empty cell record format?

    in other words -

    =(record.recordfunction) is equal to =(a+b)

    I'm not sure if I phrased it correctly.

  12. What about creating a worksheet and combining both into one cell ?

    If that is not what you are after create a script that does that calculation for each object.

    Just curious, why is it that in a record format - if i enter a formula for say 30/5 = it prints out an answer, but if i try to reference the field, it doesn't modify it?

  13. just tried that, ha, I didn't even know you posted. The only problem is that it doesn't update, and each worksheet requires an individual room to calculate.

    Or do you think its possible to use one worksheet to create different solutions in different symbols? What database information would you use?

  14. I just found a possible workaround - but it involves alot of worksheets.

    If you were to say create 1 symbol for every space type, and enter different values for each space - using functions inside of the worksheet can reference those values - and calculate the number of occupants. However, because it has to be distributed by room name - each room requires a separate worksheet. Additionally, you have to update the worksheet calculation every time you modify the record entries. Any way to update all worksheets at once?

  15. Hello again,

    I am looking to create a formula inside a record format to display in a symbol...Is this possible? I can't seem to be able to do it.

    In other words - lets say you have a custom format record with 4 or 5 different entries. They're linked back in a symbol to relay the information.

    But lets say in the record format I would like to create a mathematical formula that uses record 1 and 2 and show the solution in number 3?

    What I am trying to do is to create a custom symbol that will allow me to calculate the number of people using different occupancies for the building code. So lets say I have an area of 300 sq. ft. (I.e. record 1) and have an occupant load of 30 sq. ft. per person (i.e. Record 2), I want the occupant load to be calculated in record 3 by using the entries of record 1 and record 2. Is this possible?

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