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  1. Anyone have/found/direct me to Elation lighting symbols - specifically the Opti Tri Par
  2. Thanks for the reply - I am using VW10. The document started in 2010, so that shouldn't be the problem. But yes - "No object was chosen. Select the instrument associated with this accessory." is the dialog box I'm getting. Up to this point I had yet to insert accessories. I will try a new document and see if that works. You did mention - "Insert the instrument and give it a made up position name and unit number in the OIP"... the instruments have position names, but not numbers yet. I'll check that as well.
  3. I have tried so many different ways of doing this and I am not getting a result. Anyone have a tip out there, or know what I could possibly be doing wrong. Extremely frustrated.
  4. That's what I expected as well, but nope. It doesn't do that.
  5. What am I missing here? I add the accessory (Wybron Scroller) and adjust the rotation, but when it says to select the instrument to attach to, it doesn?t give me the crosshairs and won?t let me select an instrument.
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