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  1. Hi, I find it a real PITA selecting the drop down menu to clip and add surfaces when there is a lot of it to do. Is there a way to add these commands to my right click options? Many thanks for any help you can give!
  2. I hear your reasoning on using the tip as the primary click (which is the setting i usually use), the lower pen button as the middle click and top button as right click. What I am after is a toggle key as i dont use keyboard shortcuts much at all, Hitting esc. every time is more work than just lifting your finger off the toggle key. So the 'space and cmd' in combo work for me best. Its a case of 'I answered my own question' but thank you everyone for your contributions.
  3. Ok. To toggle zoom with a Bamboo tablet. Right and left click set as you would have on a mouse, if you left click and hold the space bar it toggles to pan, if you then press CMD key too, it will toggle to the interactive zoom!!! You have to press them in that order otherwise you will end up searching with spotlight.
  4. I have the fantastically named Bamboo FUN! It doesn't have the wheel....! thanks tho!
  5. Depending on which version of VW you are using, you can 'cmd and 1/2'or'cmd and +/-' with your left hand but still abit of a faf to use...
  6. Ok, sounds like an idea, but then you dont have a right click...? I have the 'primary button' set as 'middle click' (within the Bamboo pref) so the pan toggle is available on the primary button (useful). However still looking for a zoom toggle. I noticed if i hold 'ctrl' with my 'primary' button (set as middle button) gives me the 3D rotate (flyover) tool. I am wondering if I can change this to 2D zoom toggle instead?? Just don't know how to...? Dont know if this makes a difference but im running 2008.
  7. I have been using a Wacom Bamboo tablet for around six months now and I love it. My biggest gripe tho, is trying to work out how to zoom (2D) in and out with the same ease as a scroll wheel on a mouse. At the moment I am having to zoom with either cmd+1/2, or chose the interactive zoom tool. Does anyone know of a way to toggle in and out of 2D zoom simply by using a key/button combo? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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