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  1. hi mike, gave that a go, but again didnt work. ive started from scratch and made the entire face's triangular prism, but didnt do any subtraction or addition along the way. finished the face, then selected all the ones in which i would subtract from the face, however that same message came up. tried selecting all the ones i was going to add, and adding, and again, got the same message. basically, if i could get it to work (its going to exported as a stl file for a 3D printer) it basically has to end up finished looking similar to crinkled paper. how i can achieve that, im thinking ill struggle but if anyone can find a solution i would be unbelievably appreciative
  2. Im jut wondering whether VW has a limit to the complexity or number of, subtractions from a simple rectangular prism.... Ive been trying to create a crystalline-esque face on one side of the prism simply involving creating a traingular pyramid form through multiple extruding and then subtracting that solid from the top face of the main rectangular prism. it works absolutely fine until ive done quite a few, then when i press subtract solids on about the 10th time, i get the error message "you have tried to create a solid which cannot be computed. Edit the geometry to resolve this condition and try again" does anyone have any ideas how i can get around this problem? i.e can splitting be perfomed in more than a straight line? im really stumped and would appreciate if anyone had any ideas. the document in question is attached
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