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  1. Solved now, created a new template file from an old vw file from a previous install. Seems ok now running in win 7 normally no compatibility mode. peter
  2. I may have fixed it, i created a new template file as opposed to selecting default, landmark metric etc new files created from this template don't seem to have any issues with the plant tool as of yet.. Apologies if anyone looked into this anyway, thanks Ray Libby. peter
  3. Hi, thanks for replying. i didn't, i checked that they were as up to date as they could be, not really that driver savvy so stupid question coming up but do i need to roll them back to a previous version? I'm thinking i may have shot myself in the foot by moving up to a 64bit os but maybe your right it may be a card issue. Any help is much appreciated.. pete
  4. I've posted this on installation as well but thought it better in the landmark section. ok, new install of landmark 2008 on a 64bit version of windows 7 due to death of my old comp running 32bit vista. Dongle is acting normally during whole install no other problems arose, except when i touch the plant tool, it freezes. Sp3 then installed no change. Its common i know but i cant find a relevant post on the community board re this problem on a 64bit system and how to fix it. Graphics card is up to date. I know vwl2008 is for 32bit systems but even in compatibility modes (i've tried them all just to be sure) it crashes the second i touch the plant tool. I'm running as administrator, Vcredist file installed but apparently did nothing, quicktime is rolled back to where it should be as stated in other posts. I'm at a loss, support in country is non existent, old vwx files are fully working i can use the plant tool and everything but new files are instant fails. Anyone any ideas? I dont want to upgrade right now. ta
  5. hi, Have just done the same thing: new install of landmark 2008 on a 64bit system, checked quicktime installed vcredist files through the link and no luck. It ran fine on a 32bit vista set up, now even when running it in xp compatability mode it crashes every time i touch the plant tool in a new file. Old vwx files from previous projects appear to be immune to the crash problem i can select, add and move plants no problem its just in a new file. Any help from the forum is much appreciated as i cant yet afford to upgrade so i need to resolve this! thanks in advance peter
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