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  1. Did you download SP1? We had lots of crashing before downloading it. On the flip side, SP1 seems to be causing slow downs with reference updates. Maybe SP2 will come to the rescue soon.
  2. Amy, I used the Flip Horizontal function and had the same problem. Attempts to drag the wall prompted a message saying they could not be edited do to constraints. A few people have had this happen in the middle of drafting for no apparent reason. I have not been able to ascertain to actual cause but have been suspicious that there is some default key command triggering it without the user knowing. That being said I saved a copy of the "reversed" plan, quit Vectorworks, and then relaunched the program. When it re-opened I was able to edit the Walls. This sort of supports my initial suspicion since restarting the program typically resets it to defaults of the workspace -- but still leaves it a mystery as to the "actual" cause. Attached is the document "reversed" that I was able to manipulate without changing any of the dimension association settings.
  3. What do you mean by "reverse" the plan? I can find a command called "reverse" anywhere. Maybe it is just VW Help failing me right now. Would be happy to test if I can locate the actual command.
  4. Amy, Our entire office just went from VW12.5.3 to VW2010 and we have had almost no problems, and none related to walls. I downloaded you file and didn't have any trouble moving the walls around. Some of the dimensions were associated and moved with the walls. Others did not. I was also able to move your door around without issue. Anything else you can tell me about the problem you are having?
  5. Hi all, I wanted to see if anyone can explain the strange behavior I am seeing with the Window Tool. When you open the attached file you'll see 2 identical windows in Top/Plan view. They are using classes to define the line wights of the Jambs, Glazing & Sill. The walls they are in are identical as well. If you select one of the walls and delete all the components you will see that the window in that wall stops displaying properly. I don't know why this is. The window settings have not changed. If you change the wall back, remove the window and re-place it in the wall you find it displays correctly again. Any thoughts?? Anyone??
  6. Blind Expert, Our office regularly has at least 2 people working on drawing set at once and our project range from high-end residential to museums, schools, and office remodels. The set-up we have now allows people to work on various components in different files. The separate layout file allows the drawing set to be annotated even if other people are working on the line work. These are things I like but it would appear that the drawing coordination features may not function completely in this set-up. I have seen demos suggesting that Design Layer viewports can provide some flexibility for multiple person jobs. Can you elaborate on how you work with multiple people drawing on one project? Thanks!
  7. Keith, That is definitely getting to the point of my question. With the additional drawing coordination features that exist now I have been trying to figure the best way to work as we transition into the new version. I have a few questions regarding all information being in one file though: How do you handle multiple people working on one project? Doesn't the file size just become enormous and sluggish? Thanks for your thoughts.
  8. Wes & wivc, I have experienced some strangeness regarding the Window Tool display as well. I believe the attached file has an example of what you are looking for: .25 line weight on the jamb & glazing .13 line weight on the sill This is done with Class assignments. But I also wanted to see if you can replicate the strange behavior I am seeing. When you open the file you'll see 2 identical windows. The walls they are in both have the same component structure. If you select one of the walls and delete all the components you will see that the window stops displaying properly. I don't know why this is. The window settings have not changed. If you change the wall back, remove the window and re-place it in the wall you find it displays correctly again. Any thoughts?? Anyone??
  9. Hi All, I have a quick and probably basic question about drawing structure and organization. Our office CAD standards were originally developed on VW12 by an employee who had come from a larger office that used AutoCAD. In the standards we have Design Files with all the line work and Sheet Files which have all the layouts for a particular set of drawings. Is this the way Vectorworks is meant to work? I have noticed in many of the tutorials that Design Layers and Sheet Layers are combined into one document. Are there pros and cons to one way versus the other? I should note that we are using VW2011 but currently as a 2D program only. Thanks.
  10. Why do the callouts generated by the door and window tools change size with the scale of the drawings? This doesn't make any sense at all. Reference markers are relative to text size and generally would display at the same scale throughout a drawing set regardless of the scale of the drawing. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
  11. Wes, So I managed to get my custom symbol to work but as I suspected I had to add 3D characteristics to it in order for the 2D line work to show up. I know VW is really pushing the 2D/3D combination but it seems like it should be mindful not to ignore the fact that the software is used by many as a 2D only workspace. Regarding using the Storefront Tool and converting it to a symbol---it would appear that the Storefront Tool has a built-in insertion point at the edge of the object instead of the center. When using it as the geometry this appears to be what is effecting its location relative to the opening in the wall. As of yet I can't seem to find any way of modifying the Storefront Tool's built-in insertion point. Scott
  12. Hi All, I have a 2D symbol of a storefront that I need to have a door callout. With the standard Door Tool you check the "On Schedule" box and it adds a door callout that then gets coordinated with your Door Schedule. I was told that I if I selected "Use Symbol Geometry" within the Door Tool Settings and then selected my storefront symbol it would combine the display of my custom symbol with the ability to select "On Schedule" and use the coordinated door callout functionality. I tried creating a symbol with the Storefront Tool object and used that as my Geometry and the line work of the symbol was displayed in the opening. Only problem now is that the symbol does not display in the center of the opening. Can't figure out the problem here. The door callout is centered on the symbol but the center of the symbol is set to one edge of the opening. Anyone know how to fix this? Attached is a VW2011 file where I was trying this out. Couldn't get it to work with a custom 2D symbol either, but in that case nothing displays, it just creates an opening in the wall the sizer of the symbol. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Hi Vectorworks Team, I have read in a few posts that some of the bugs filed by VW2011 users have been picked up in SP2. Is there an ETA for the SP2 release? Thanks, Scott
  14. Chris, One thing I have done that has improved things a bit is to purge unused symbols out of all my documents before updating to the new version. I was surprised to see how many traces of old symbols from other projects and things were hiding in the files. The initial re-linking of references was slightly slower than normal but after that things seem to be running more smoothly. The main fear is that things are smooth until a deadline comes at which point the evil spirits inevitably rear their ugly heads. But maybe a little purging and clean-up ahead of time helps to resolve most of the conflicts. Also--you should see in VW will give you a 2010 license to go along with a new 2011 license. This way you can run concurrently with both versions on the same OS. Our offices updated to 2010 a few months ago (from 12.5) and it was pretty seamless. Scott
  15. The other weird thing is that in one layout file the references all update without problem but in another layout file the exact same references seem to hang up and take longer. I have purged all excess elements from all the files and that has seemed to help a little but as always the fear is that on the day of a deadline it will act up and decide not to update so quickly. Next option seems to recreate the problematic layout file from scratch in 2011 to see if that makes it perform properly.
  16. Currently most of our projects are on 2010 and work very well. We upgraded to 2010 from VW12, then 2011 was released a few days later and we got that version for free so we thought might as well get "fully updated" since the transition to 2010 was almost seamless. Unfortunately moving to 2011 has been a little bit of a nightmare. Only a few projects have been tried. Some with great success and others that completely fail. It seems nearly impossible to understand why one works and not another. However this particular project is the first one started fresh in VW2011. The only thing converted was a blank file with our default Layer and Class names in it.
  17. Having the same problem with converted files. We upgraded our hardware and OS which required upgrading Vectorworks. Thank God cause we were still using VW...but I digress... Vectorworks 2010 with SP4 converted our files perfectly (mostly). Ofcourse 2011 was released shortly after and we were given the free upgrade. However, testing project by project there have been major issues updating to 2011. Some files update fine but when you attempt to relink references I get the beach ball for about 15 to 20 minutes...every time. Other files take a long time to switch from viewing one layer to the next. Regarding "starting fresh" we have recently experienced a project that began in 2011 and crashes when selecting objects, changing fills, or whatever simple task seems to upset it at the time. This project did use a job template folder that originated from VW12 but there was zero content in it--just default class and layer names. In short, my experience is that 2011 is unstable converting and using in general.
  18. Hey all, We recently upgrade to VW2011 and are running into lots of crashing problems for no apparent reasons. Simple tasks like changing the fill of a rectangle or attempting to select an object have been causing the program to crash. The files in questions are coming from a template file that was generated in VW12, then updated to 2010, and now recently updated to 2011. Is there any reason to believe that there is some legacy problem in the file that is causing the crashing? Have other experienced issues with slowness or crashing in 2011? Thanks. BTW, we are using 2.93GHz Intel Core i7 iMacs running OS X 10.6.4
  19. I think a texture could work as long as the holes read transparent.
  20. Thanks. I was able to create the circular pattern desired. Do you know if there is a way to make the circles transparent? I am able to make the object transparent--which makes the background transparent but not the circles. Would be awesome if I could do the exact opposite, leave the background 100% opaque but have the transparency applied to the circles of the tile. The only way I know to achieve this look currently is to cut many many circles out of surface. And VW seems less than happy to handle a surface with hundred of circles subtracted from it.
  21. I may have discovered the issue. It appears that some of the references contained symbols & hatches with the same name but with different properties. I deleted all the references and purged the associated resources. Then I re-referenced the files. Upon doing this I was prompted to rename the conflicting symbols and hatches. For some reason this prompt was not coming up when just updating the references.
  22. Hi All, I have just upgraded from 2010 to 2011 and have been experiencing some problems with updating my reference files. For some reason in 2011 it is taking 5, 10, even 15 minutes to update references that in 2010 updated immediately. Anyone have ideas on why the conversion to 2011 would be causing this? Thanks, it is incredibly frustrating watching the beach ball spin and spin for no apparent reason. Scott --If it makes a difference these specifically references that have the Layer Import setting turned on.
  23. Is there a way to create a custom hatch from line work in Vectorworks? Specifically, I am trying to make a perforated metal hatch that simulates round perforations. So essentially a running bond grid of circles. Thanks.
  24. For the record I think the Bezier leader is the absolute worst of all the options as far as functionality goes. It is basically like using a polyline as your leader right? Except the Polyline Tool is so easy to use and manipulate and creates beautiful smooth curves. The bezier leader option on the other hand starts as some crazy shape and takes a lot of work to manipulate into smooth curves. I know this may not be a priority because few offices use curved leader lines for their annotations but coming from an office that does we are basically forced to not use the Callout Tool at all because we either get really graphically unpleasing leader lines or we waste drawing time trying to manipulate them into "acceptable" curves--curves that can be achieved with the Polyline Tool on the first try every time. Could we maybe see the Bezier leader function a little more like the Polyline Tool in the future, the control handles and the way the line is manipulated are far superior with the Polyline Tool.
  25. Hey Everyone, Our office has typical listed storefront systems and window walls as part of the our window schedule. Currently using VW 2011 and was happy to see the Window Wall Tool but I don't see anyway to assign it a call out or get it to appear on the window schedule as you can with the basic Window Tool. Is there another way to do this after placing a window wall? Can you added a window callout to non-window objects and get it to coordinate with the window schedule generated by Vectorworks? Thanks for the help. Scott
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