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  1. hi im new to vector works i was wondering how you can angle the wall so i can create an origami effect like a climbing wall. any help apreciated
  2. Thanks alot i really appreciate it from everyone im probably looking towards going with Vectorworks from the suggestions.it sounds like Vectorworks would fit more appropriately with the design im looking for. As soon as i get a mac in the next couple of weeks il get learning. And if i need help with the 2d plans i know i have a good community here to help thank you very much
  3. I am currently studding my second last year of school in high school (yr11) going into last year (yr12) and in yr 12 i have to complete a major work for the year my plans are to design with all floor plans construction plans and everything. A very origami style house a little like an indoor climbing wall style. I have no experience with either revit architecture or VW however my teacher can use revit but i would probably have to learn allot of it myself anyway. What would you guys recommend for the easiest quickest program for a quite complex design using alot of angles and shapes kinda like this http://www.mcbridecharlesryan.com.au/#/projects/klein-bottle-house/ I have to do all the different drawings like structural orthogonal and stuff and then a good presentation of the house like a walk though video. I'm new to these forum and all this stuff any help will be very much appreciated thank you very much.
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