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  1. Hi Ben, i sent you PM. I am interested in all 3 license. Could you please contact me? Thank you. Peter
  2. Hi, Im looking for a used vectorworks 2010 mac (landmark preferably) license. If any one has one which they'd like to sell please PM me. Peter
  3. Hello Julie, i am interested in VW Landmark you offer. Is this this still available? Peter
  4. Hi guys. Thank you for all advices. I am still not decided which one to choose. I think i'll go with the 27" i5. I'll let you know. Peter
  5. do you think? I had a 30" ACD and it was just too much. It had counter effect on my work performance because i had to move my head (instead of eyes) to see opposite corners of display:) So thats why i am a little worried. And what about the CPU? Can VW use 4cores of processor? Or is it better to go with more CPU? Thank you anyway.
  6. hi, i need a bit of help here. I am about to purchase a new iMac but i am confused which configuration to choose. Should i get more CPU(3.60GHz i5) or more cores (2.8GHz Quad-Core i5, i7?). What do you think about video card? Because i don't like the 27" screen(i feel it is just too big), but the 21.5" model goes only with 512MB video card? Isn't that too little (occasionally i work with photoshop, render in Artlantis)? Primary i work with VW2010 Landmark. Thank you for all advices. Peter


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