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  1. Tim, excellant - thanks for the help - Peter
  2. Nic … what specifics did you use to create the illuminated version of the SPAR sign … looks great! Peter
  3. Although I have used VW / RW since MiniCad, recent "enhancement" features have caused additional steps to be required. Some where there were none needed in the past. I experience this when I cut and paste in place and get a result that is not as expected. (Please see the attachment) I assume I am not in control of the Working Plane(s)? 1. Original item was a Group with a Hybrid Symbol inside. 2. Part of the group should have been an integral part of the Symbol. 3. As drawn, it was in the correct XYZ position (a pair of oval feet) (1) 4. Top / Plan View 5. Select and Edit the group, 6. Select the two "Ovals" and cut. 7. Select and Edit the Symbol (The Symbol remains it the exact same position and orientation) 8. Paste in place … 9. Ovals are now off to one side. Not as expected with paste in place. (2) 10. Undo 11. Select the top center of the Symbol with the cursor "click" 12. Paste 13. Ovals are now positioned as expected. 14. Exit Symbol 15. Select Saved Perspective View 16. Check that … Oval are now half way up the side (Z) from where they should be. (3) 17. Edit Symbol 18. Front View 19. Select Ovals 20. Manually move ovals down into original position. 21. Exit Symbol 22. Allset Questions: A. Should "Paste in Place" work in all three directions as I feel it should ? B. Is there a way to "lock" the working plan to the ground plane, even if you switch to a front or side view? C. Is there a way to have 3D symbols stay on the ground plane, or move automatically down to the ground plane? (i.e.: Gravity?) Suggestions on what to do different ? Thanks in advance Peter MacBook Pro Retina OSX 10.8.5 VW / RW 2013 P5 (Build 208827)
  4. My 2¢ - None Class is always on … Top / Plan (Keyboard Shortcut "5") is what we use for a "default view". We use Saved Views that ... only remember Class Settings, … are saved inside of a Symbol or Group Edit, … are temporary (Dummy Saved View), … jump to a desired view, without the current Class set up changing. …only change the RenderWorks settings for a quick rendered view. Recent job that went to Hamburg, had almost 75 Saved Views - A portion of these were to show the client what they would see in the finished state and some were the "Same View" with limited Textures to highlight specifics for the crew that would do the assembly. - Peter How do others manage this scenario? … there seems to be no way to "exit" a saved view, I'm thinking that one possible solutuion could involve creating a "Dummy" Saved view which has a set of visibilities applied to it so that a "default" view can returned to.
  5. As the cost is not a small one, has anyone utilizing VectorWorks, subscribed to http://www.lynda.com and found it worth the cost ? - Thanks ...Peter
  6. On the same subject ... has the search in VW Help been "fixed" ? - Peter
  7. Easiest method to "Count" anything is to make every item that you want to appear on an inventory list as a Symbol. Even if there is a single instance of that item. Name the Symbols logically, so that the items appear (alpha - numerical) together in the Worksheet, if you want to count them together. ie: Deck Section 96x48 black, Deck Section 96x24 black etc The Worksheet will list all the Symbols. The "summation" option will then group identical instances together. I will post a ready made Worksheet that counts symbols. Peter
  8. It is ironic that some items can be created from the center and reshaped from the center ... Circle, Rectangle, while a Line can be created from the center, just not reshaped from the center ... with the cursor that is. The circle is a given based on its geometry. The Rectangle resizes from the center if the command key is held. This would be great if it served the same "resize from center" function on any shape.(See Claris CAD 1994) If the Rectangle is actually a Polygon of the same exact shape, the reshape from center does not work. The Fixed Point resize tool, however, offers some options. For the "rectangular" Polygon, it will reshape from center after you identify the center. ie:locating the intersection of the appropriate mid points. Finding the center of a "rectangular" Polygon is often an impossible process. Workaround: Cut and paste, onto another object, one with a known midpoint. Use that midpoint as a reference with the Fixed Point resize tool. For a Line, the Fixed Point resize tool "gets stupid". It will resize the line from center, only if the line is other than vertical or horizontal. Really not sure why this is ... Peter
  9. Would like to make a custom HDRI Background of a specific venue What software is needed for this ? Photoshop or ? - Thanks Peter
  10. Would like to make a custom HDRI Background of a specific venue What software is needed for this ? Photoshop or ? - Thanks Peter
  11. This sounds good … (did not know it was as extensive) … Peter
  12. We continue to have issues with Classes when an item (Typically a symbol) is copied pasted into a different drawing. The object looks 100% visible, yet problematic when an attempt is made to select it. Some classes appear to be on but they are not. Solution is to turn all the classes on. - Peter
  13. Would it not be easier to simply make a "Decal" in the traditional way? Create a texture with a transparent mask and apply it to a thin shape. - Peter (Page one is the New Decal (thru and out the back) - Page two is the traditional method front only)
  14. If you watch the Knowledgebase Video on Auto Hybrids you see what (we assume …) VW wants you to use them for. We have found, that Auto Hybrids can have a visual size, and then an assumed size. (Top Plan View) If you click on a corner, as you see that it is the corner of the object, it may NOT select it as expected. If you select the Auto Hybrid and zoom out. With "Select Handles" on, you see a different location for the bounding geometry. Often some or all of these "point" is out in space. This may be more evident when the Auto Hybrid has been moved or rotated. With strange geometry the Auto Hybrid has some logic, with simple geometry, it appears to have "issues". - Peter
  15. Great idea! " ...it would be great if you could 'Send to surface" a vehicle and it would position itself based on the current model." I found my first request to VW Tech Support for info on how to use the "Send to Surface" outside of the DTM world. Its dated 7/26/05 … Never got it to do what I wished it would do. Essentially act as Gravity. Peter
  16. While we are on the subject … there are several tools or menu items that we are frustrated with for the same reason. "I pretty much never want to use …" In past history, there was an application called Claris CAD. If memory serves me well, one could select settings with the "Option" key, and that became the default. As it stands there are some things that require several "clicks" every time as the settings are what "I pretty much never want to use …" Peter
  17. re: Automated Working Plane to match working view If memory serves me well (in past VW releases) when switching to a different view VW did not leave the working plane "behind". Typically we do NOT use the working plane in any special way. Work flow example: Place legacy 3D / 2D Hybrid Symbols in the Top / Plan view, arrange and group as needed. Switch to standard Front or Right Ortho Views to add or edit an item. Example: Draw a 2D (Screen) Rectangle. Snap to one Symbol or group, snaps work as set. Attempt to snap to another symbol. Unable to select some (desired) points? Stop. Pick Menu item, Modify / Working Plane / Align Working Plane with Current View. Start the drawing process again. Snaps work as expected. (Layer Option is set to "Screen Only" It appears in this sequence that the working plane remains in the original Top / Plan View (Was this also a feature in the past?) The indicator is the fact that the the snaps do not work as expected in a Front Ortho View. VW / RW 2013 Designer MacBook Pro Retina OSX 10.8.5
  18. Where is there Help Information on Automatic Working planes ?
  19. Light Tool - Spot Light Mode Icons … size, selecting, altering, issues We tend to use a number of Spot Lights in our rendered drawings. The Icon that represents this Spot Light can have different characteristics. Most are helpful. The color of the arrow head or the spread of the reflector are indicative of the settings in the OIP. Others, like the "Long Directional Arrow" that points towards the direction of the spot appear to have little to do with the fall off as one might expect. (Based on the Spread and Beam Dialog Box) Question 1: Is there a way to eliminate that "Long Directional Arrow" after the Spot Light is placed? The selection process is altered when a Spot Light has a that "Long Directional Arrow" in its icon. Both ends of the spectrum: "way to easy to accidentally select a light unintendedly" and the "way to hard to select with the rectangle marquee as the icon is bigger than expected. On that note - Question 2: Why are the Icons Gigantic is some views for the Spot Light (Perspective) ? They are 3D ? Question 3: When a Spot Light is in a Symbol, the selected boundary is determined by the Spot Light ( … and that "Long Directional Arrow") even when the Preferences are set to NOT visible. Can this be altered at all? (Or is it … back to Question 1) Question 4: When a Spot Light is created with the Dialog box it is easy to alter the settings put a Spot Light where and how one would like. A second time and some of the settings in the Create Spot Light Dialog box reset, others do not - Why? Question 5: Is there a Way to select an existing Spot Light and tell it to focus at the "next click" ? (The way an Animation View can be told to "look at") Thanks ... VW / RW Designer 2013 SP5 MacBook Retina 10.8.5
  20. In general I found that the send to surface only worked for a limited range of things in specific conditions. As you have noted "flat onto flat" is a key. It is NOT "gravity" as one may expect. I gave up on it years ago. - Peter
  21. To represent an adhesive floor decal, a circle of the correct size is created and extruded with zero thickness, then positioned slightly above the actual floor in the design. (Z= 0.5 in) The circle was created with the Create Object dialog box with a center set to "0, 0" The Texture is a JPEG image, cropped to the exact diameter in "Photoshop". The size of the texture is set to match the diameter of the circle. When the texture is applied, it looks incorrect in several ways. The Image is backwards (In Final Render Mode) and the location is offset down (or up for that mater ? ) by about 50%. Change the Vertical location in the Obj Info dialog box and the texture moves horizontally. Change the vertical location and the position is almost correct. Based on a guess of 50% - The texture should just be centered on the circle The size is just slightly small compared to the extruded circle. To adjust this, switch to the Attribute Mapping tool. Viewing in Top Plan, there is no ability to adjust the Textures location. Only the "pointing finger of selection" is available. This appears to be based on the fact that the texture, now shifted from Perimeter to Plane Mode, is rotated 90 degrees (Z, X) to the flat 3D extrude (X, Y)). (Why ?) Click on the circle, with the "pointing finger" and the Texture bounding box appears ? But it is slightly rotated a few degrees clockwise. Undo. Try it again. No luck, the texture is rotated slightly. (see attached) In the Obj Info Box, the Rotation is set to zero. Typing in "zero" does not get the actual rotation back to a real zero. From this point on, the only way, it appears, to get the Texture to align accurately is repeated changing of the numbers in the object info pallet, combined with zooming in and out to see the result. A tedious process. One that is easier, by the way, in the original Perimeter Mapping Mode. In the Obj Info Dialog Box "Update" does not appear to alter the angle. Reset Mapping reverts to Perimeter. Major bug ? major headache, for what should be a simple texture application What was interesting to stumble into was the Sweep of the Circle. After attempting to create and extrude the original circle is several different methods with the same problematic result ? Change the sweep of the Circle to 359.99 degrees and the the Attribute Mapping tool no longer rotates the texture slightly. (This "converts" a Circle to an Arc) If you type in an even tighter number ? add a few 9's to it, the Arc will remain with a sweep of 360. This also makes for a functional Attribute Mapping Tool. Rest it to 360 and the Arc turns back into a Circle and the problems return Peter VW / RW Designer 2013 MacBook Pro Retina OSX 10.8.5
  22. Did you try Print / Save as PDF (vs Export PDF)? ? Peter
  23. Email Matt Panzer at http://www.panzercad.com ? ask about Symbol Replace ? Peter
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