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  1. Thanks for the assistance ... Would be much better if there was consistency - or "Fit To Width" "Center Texture" or some simple option. Peter
  2. Odd Camera View Behavior Between Keyframes ... VW 2020 SP 3.1 Build 537701 (64-bit) iMacPro OS 10.15.4 Completed a Fly thru for a client - 4+ min - compiled from 10 - Fly Freely Animation Paths. Lots of restarting the software and the computer to eliminate odd anomalies. Lots of starting over, as the Fly Freely Animation Path has some limitations. One item that is troublesome, is the way the Camera behaves automatically, between Keyframes. One can spend a great deal of time adjusting Keyframes, then wonder why there is a slight "wobble" in the final animation See the attached PDF of Screen Shots 1, 2, & 3 are the Keyframes on a simple test Fly Freely Animation Path. - 0% - 50% - 100% (Note: Delete Keyframe is available in the Obj Info Palette) These three screen shots show that the camera view is more or less looking directly at the central "Test Cube" for each of three Keyframes. As desired / intended. 4, & 5 show mid points between the three Keyframes on a test Fly Freely Animation Path. 25% & 75% (Note: Add Keyframe is available in the Obj Info Palette) These two screen shots show that the camera is NOT looking directly at the central "Test Cube". NOT as desired / intended. This anomaly results in a wobble as the camera starts by looking at the desired / intended component in the 1st / 0% Key Frame, then looks slightly away at 25%, then returns to the desired / intended view as it approaches the 2nd / 50% Keyframe, then again looks slightly away as it approaches the 75% location on the Time Line ... etcetera Question for You to answer: As the software is determining these "in-between camera views" Why do they drift? - Peter Keyframes vs Mid Points.pdf
  3. Rotating a Texture in the Object Info Palette - Render Tab alters the Offset H & Offset V Settings? VW 2020 SP 3.1 Build 537701 (64-bit) iMacPro OS 10.15.4 Apply Texture to an Extrude Line. Based on how the extrude was created, the Texture appears 90 degrees to what is desired. Open Object Info Palette / Render Tab Enter 90 in Rotation Texture rotates but also changes the settings for the Offset H & Offset V Reset Offset H & Offset V by back to Zero in both locations. Texture is now in desired position and rotation. Where is a Preference or a way to stop this Offset H & Offset V change from occurring? The “Rotated Location” of the Texture appears arbitrary. Is there logic to these dimensions? Please let me know - Thanks - Peter Rotate Alters settings.mov Rotated Texture_Why.pdf Rotate Alters settings.mov Rotated Texture_Why.pdf
  4. Animation Detail and / or Quality when rendering in Open GL VW 2020 SP 3.1 Build 537701 (64-bit) iMacPro OS 10.15.4 Drawing created from scratch in VW 2020 There are diminishing returns on creating a movie from an animation path (Fly Freely) rendered with Open GL. Detail vs Quailty. File size & quality remains constant with settings at High / High up to Very High / Very High (Standard Output) Does one take precedent over the other? - Please let me know - Thanks - Peter
  5. Is the Clip Cube invoked when Applying a Texture? VW 2020 SP 3.1 Build 537701 (64-bit) iMacPro OS 10.15.4 Drawing created in a version prior to VW 2020 Select and Edit an existing Hybrid Symbol Open the Resource Pallet, select and apply a Texture It appears that the Clip Cube is invoked? i.e.: Clip Cube Interactive color around Textured object Selecting and reselecting the Clip Cube returns the screen to Wireframe as expected. Work around - Alter the Clip Cube Interactive Color to White Do NOT see a reference to this in VectorWorks Help / Clip Cube? - Please let me know - Thanks - Peter Clip Cube or Not Clip Cube_1_Apply Texture.mov
  6. Animation Drift, when Open Camera View in New Pane VW 2020 SP 3.1 Build 537701 (64-bit) iMacPro OS 10.15.4 Drawing created in VW 2020 from scratch Utilizing Multiple Views Use the Object Info, for the selected Animation Path, and click on ... Open Camera View in New Pane. Adjust active Keyframe in one of the Multi Views & the Camera Image in the newly opened Pane drifts off to the side. Impossible to judge the Keyframe adjustment being made Utilizing Multiple Views Use the Object Info, for the selected Animation Path, and click on ... Open Camera View in New Pane. Click on Preview / Play & the Camera Image in the newly opened Pane drifts off to the side. Impossible to view the Animation being made See the attached Assume that this is NOT as designed? - Please let me know - Thanks - Peter Multiview anomoly_1.mov Multiview anomoly_2.mov
  7. What Settings & Options for Create Movie VW / RW 2020 Animation Path from NURBs Curve Click on Create Movie in Object Info Pallet What render settings should have options? See attached - Peter Generating Animation Settings_1.pdf
  8. Final Quality Render issue with the Unified View option Checked ... VW / RW 2020 SP 3.1 (Build 537701) - OSX 10.15.4 iMac Pro Editing several Existing Symbols in a new drawing. Unified View Checked by Default. Symbols Render sans some textures (Monitor screen texture appear as white). Check that existing Symbol / Existing Textures are still in place. Unchecking Unified View / Re render Final Quality obtains a render with existing textures as expected. See attached Known Issue ? - Peter Unified View Rendering Error Anomalies.mov
  9. Pat Thanks again for your assistance Do not want the Auto-Hide feature - Thanks ... Just want the desired Pallet to Open / Close with the Keyboard Shortcut. I have it set up to the point where 2020 now behaves as desired. However, you should note that the mix of "+ & -" signs, in the upper left, still exist in the Pallets even though they ALL remain open. Affirmative to the ... are you using a Custom Workspace, But Negative to the ... that you have imported. I typically have a lean Workspace sans the tools and features that are not needed in our discipline. Thanks Again - Peter
  10. Active Camera View - Walkthrough to adjust Keyframe Is there a step missing in this process? Attempting to adjust the Keyframe View / Camera View(s), in an Animation Path, to Smooth out the Fly Freely final movie. Is there a missing step that saves the adjustments made with the Walkthrough Tool, while in the Activate Camera View? ... VW / RW HELP states: "To change the camera’s look-to point from an active camera view: 1. If the camera view is not already active, select the animation path and click Activate Camera View in the Object Info palette. A first-person camera view displays, and the animation path object is not visible in that view pane. The Walkthrough tool in Look Around mode becomes active. 2. Use the Walkthrough tool to change the camera’s active view (see Looking around a model). The camera on the animation path changes direction in real time, and the look-to point reflects the active camera view." Please and Thank You ... Please see the attached. Starting in the Top / Plan View Zoom: Fit to Page Area Wireframe Rendering Select the Animation Path by clicking on it with the cursor. Select the desired Keyframe (Camera View) to edit in the Object Info Pallet Select, Activate Camera View, in the Object Info Pallet Walkthrough Tool becomes active Adjust Camera View (Keyframe View) as desired with Walkthrough Tool. Select the next Keyframe (Camera View) to edit in the Object Info Pallet Select, Activate Camera View, in the Object Info Pallet Walkthrough Tool becomes active Adjust Camera View (Keyframe View) as desired with Walkthrough Tool. Back up to the previous Keyframe (Camera View) in the Object Info Pallet Select, Activate Camera View, in the Object Info Pallet Walkthrough Tool becomes active Previous adjustments with the Walkthrough Tool are no longer there, Keyframe View / Camera View has reverted to the initial location. What am I missing ? - Thanks - Peter Deactivate Camera View.mov
  11. Pat Maybe the question should be ... If the Document Preference > Plane Mode set to Screen Plane Only - Why is the program drawing in other than Screen Plane? Peter
  12. Pat 1. Updated VW/RW Designer Renderworks 2020 to SP 3.1 (Build 537701) (64-Bit) 2. Ran Script Results = 6775:FALSE 6776:FALSE Peter
  13. Add Keyframe Camera Graphic (Icon) issue When you move along a Fly Freely Animation Path, with the Time Slider in the Object Info Pallet, the Keyframe Camera Graphic (Icon) looks the same as an existing Keyframe. The indicator is the Add Keyframe option is now active in the Object Info Pallet. ¿ In VW HELP, the indication is that there is an alternate Keyframe Camera Graphic (Icon) ? Same occurs when utilizing the cursor to move a Keyframe Location along the Fly Freely Animation Path. Peter
  14. Pat I am missing something ... "Please try something for me: Copy the single line script below. Go to the Resource Manager, click the New Resource button a the bottom left and click Script. Select Palette-1 (or whatever it suggests) by clicking Select. The Assign Name dialog box will open. Click OK. Palette-1 will open and will show the script name, probably Script-1. Double click on the script. A dialog box will open. Tell me the results of that dialog box. When I run it I get. "6775: TRUE 6776:FALSE". Do you get the same?" ¿ Something to copy and paste into the Script ? Please let me know, when you have time … Thanks - Peter
  15. Brendon Clarification will assist me - Please and Thank You ... "Try putting the drawing into Screen Plane when moving the Keyframe or points on the path. This should prevent them from any motion in the z direction. Switch back to Layer or other plane mode as needed." Is Top / Plan View the same as ... putting the drawing into Screen Plane" Suggestions ? - Thanks - Peter
  16. Alex Would you - Please and Thank You ... Clarify ? ... If this is the case, this is a known issue when in direct front/back/side views that we are hoping to address in a future version of the software. I have struggled (VW / RW 2020) when moving Keyframes and Look-To points along a Fly Freely Animation path. A simple movement of a Keyframe along the animation path, adjusted while in the TOP / PLAN view, may result in a dramatic change in the "Z" location when viewed from the Ortho Front or Right view. Not as expected. Suggestions? - Thanks - Peter
  17. Klaus - Please and Thank You ... re post the image - Peter
  18. Pat - More information - see attached Screen Recording Document Preference > Plane Mode set to Screen Plane Only Edit 3D Component of an existing Hybrid Symbol Draw Circle - Object Info Pallet indicates that a Circle is selected / active Plane Option is Blank - No Circle is visible(?) Document Preference > Plane Mode still set to Screen Plane Only(?) In the Object Info Pallet - Select Working Plane / Symbol Definition from Drop Down. The Circle is now visible and selected / active in the Object Info Pallet. Change color of fill and pen, No visible change on the screen(?) Exit Symbol Edit Re-select / re-Edit 3D Component of same Hybrid Symbol. Circle is now visible - sans the fill / pen color changes Deselect Circle. Changes to the fill / pen color now appear as defaults(?) Re-select Circle. Change Plane in Object Info Pallet Drop Down to Screen Circle Disappears. Exit Symbol Edit - 2D Part of Hybrid is almost as expected - sans changes to the fill / pen color. Would need to Re-select / re-Edit 2D Component of same Hybrid Symbol, to finish As suggested, ill check for updates - Hard to imaging this many oddities in VW / RW 2020 (P.S. Notice the Pallets with the Minus & Plus Signs that both stay open ... ) Pat, Thanks Again - Peter Hybrid Workflow_1.mov
  19. Pat - Animation attached that shows some "MINUS" signs and some "PLUS" signs - Pallets open / close from the keyboard - The Minus Sign (Yellow Dot), on the Drawing it self, does as expected - It Minimizes Peter Minus Sign.mov
  20. Pat - Thanks again for the assistance. I have VW / RW 2020 on a machine at the house - because of a NO Work Situation at the office ... because of ... (No need to elaborate.) We recently purchased one copy of VW / RW 2020 as the iMacPro was new and 2019 was no longer sold. So it is like a new puzzle! ... odd and frustrating for a person who has worked with VW / RW since MiniCad went 3D. Checking back a few versions, it was quite quick and simple to edit the 3D Part of a Hybrid Symbol and draw / edit Screen Plane 2D Items. We use the 3D component, of a Hybrid Symbol, to accurately size & position the 2D component. We use Hybrid Symbols to quickly design & edit in Top Plan View. Top Plan View is a simple way to communicate with a client. The 3D part of a Hybrid Symbol makes for excellent perspective renderings. Clients may only give us their equipment CAD in 3D for our library. We simplify and create the Hybrid Symbol. Recently we have worked thru a company process to minimize what each Hybrid Symbol looks like in 2D & in 3D. We use almost 90% Hybrid Symbols in our discipline. Several past designers were quite zealous in their desire to create complexity, when little was actually needed for the desired end result. Hence the clean up process. The VW / RW 2020 methodology appears to make, what was a one step edit, into a 2 or 3 step process. I would have a hard time understanding why one would want the 2D Part of a Hybrid Symbol to be other than Screen Plane. As it stands, we would need to Draw / redraw "2D" as needed in Layer Plane, then re edit the Hybrid Symbol and convert to the desired Screen Plane. Based on this, the plan is to use an older version of VW / RW for this bulk process, and deal with the extra effort needed with 2020 on a one at a time basis. One would assume that, setting the Document Preference > Plane Mode to Screen would get you Screen Plane geometry(?). Any work around would be appreciated. - Thanks - Peter
  21. Pat, ... I think I have my solution, although it is not so obvious, NOR is it consistent. Based on your suggestion I clicked the "Minus" sign that is to the upper left of the Resource Manager Pallet. Assumed that a "Minus" sign would only minimize the Resource Manager Pallet, NOT toggle its ability to remain open vs Auto-Hide / Auto-Float. Oddly, the Attributes & the Working Plane Pallet both have this "Minus" sign ON in this Upper Left location & they stay open. They also open / close with Keyboard Commands as expected. Basic, Tools, & Object Info Pallets all have the "Plus" sign ON in the upper Left Location. (...a bug?) - Thanks - Peter
  22. Hybrid Symbol Edit, Visually Lacks New 2D Geometry When editing existing Hybrid Symbol in past Versions of VectorWorks, double clicking gave you the option to pick the 2-D or 3-D component Selecting 3-D, you could still draw and see additional 2-D Screen Plane objects. Exiting the hybrid symbol these added 2-D objects would become part of the Hybrid Symbol. 2020 requires a few additional clicks on the Component Edit Palette. Without clicking these options on the Component Edit Palette you are able to draw 2-D objects, they become active in the object info palette, but they are not visible on the screen? (a bug?) Where is a preference that allows the settings in the Component Edit Palette to be retained for the next use? ... or set to user requirements? This additional Component Edit Palette “feature” complicates the workflow. We typically draw our own monitors and electronics as Hybrid Symbols so that they are very simple to manipulate, yet accurate in a rendering. This helps speed the planning & editing times. The accuracy aids the client in visualizing the design. Example: Monitors & electronics often interface with signs, backing graphics or additional client components. A recent acquisition of new monitors require the need to check / modify several existing hybrid symbols. Excessively complex, now, in VW/RW 2020. Suggestions? - Thanks - Peter
  23. Question: Where is a preference to keep the Resource Manager Pallet “open”? VW / RW 2020 Being a piano player… I use the left hand / keyboard shortcuts to open and close pallets as I need them… In VW/RW 2020, has this behavior changed only for the Resource Manager Pallet? What am I missing? The Resource Manager Pallet never fully opens till the cursor is over it? Other pallets appear to behave as expected. Resource Manager Pallet is active in the Window>Pallet The Auto Hide settings under window>pallet options are off Suggestions? - Thanks - Peter
  24. Maintain Focus - VW/RW 2020 - Fly Freely Animation As in past Animation creation, is there a way to have all the Keyframes, in a Fly Freely Animation, Look at The center of a single 3D item or 3D Locus? Version: VW / RW 2020 What: Fly Freely Animation Item: Multiple Keyframes "Look-to point" Attempted to snap to the center of one specific 3D Object in the design. In Top / Plan View, then in right or front view. - Also used Multiple views. Moving the "look-to point", the Screen Hints indicate that it is snapping to the desired 3D center. End Result is an animation that drifts. i.e.: All Keyframes do NOT keep their focus, accurately, on the desired object Suggestions ? - Thanks - Peter
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