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  1. Pat I have the opposite problem (from Hollister above ...) with Symbols in a Graphic Legend - Followed your instruction in this URL The Symbol Image, Name and Count show in each Cell Unable to get identical Symbols to SUM Peter Sum in Graphic Legend.pdf
  2. @Jeremy Best I do use a Helper app called Default Folder on the MacBook Pro M1 - OS 12.6.7 - VectorWorks (2020/SP6 - 2023/SP5) is the only app that has this too wide Save/Open dialog box issue. see attached: VW2023 No external monitors connected. At the office, I have two external monitors - Remotely, only the MacBook Screen. Problem exists in both situations. Have noted that Save/Open dialog, appearing on the external monitors (...when in use) appear wider than normal, yet they are complete and do not spill off left / right sides as they do on the MacBook Pro screen. I am not sure why or when, the problem does return. and the PLIST needs to be deleted again. Peter PLIST Delete.mp4
  3. @Jen Casa Question: When you Copy is the option greyed out ? - When you Paste is the option greyed out ? FYI - I am not having any issues MacBook Pro M1 - OS 12.6.6 - VectorWorks 2023 SP5 Keyboard Only / Right Click Cursor / Menu Pull Down, all appear to work Peter COPY : PASTE.pdf
  4. FYI I have some issues with COPY / PASTE on my MacBook Pro M1 - (OS 12.6.6) & VectorWorks 2020 - 2023 Except I typically see these issues when I am working with the VectorWorks Files. ( ¿ not inside the drawing ?) Example: Copy a name in the Finder (utilize only the keyboard - no mouse) then attempt to past in the VectorWorks Save / Open dialog. (again ... utilize only the keyboard - no mouse) What I have found is the Copy/Paste works, only with the mouse (ie: cursor) + right click ...while the keyboard does NOT work for Copy/Paste in this situation. (Side Note: This Copy/Paste dilemma is compounded by the long standing VectorWorks only issue where the Open/Save dialog box spills out wider than the screen and requires additional gymnastics to operate. @Jeremy Best has provided a work around with the exception that it is an ongoing VectorWorks Only issue even with version 2023 SP5. I am utilizing an app called Default Folder to enhance the Finder (Pat's comment above...) Except, if it is causing issues, it is only with VectorWorks after 2018 / 2020 (there about) arrived - My older MacBook with Pre VW 2018, does NOT have these issues - Again, VectorWorks is the only place where I have experience these Copy/Paste issues. (I will check in a drawing today and see what happens inside...) My 2¢ Peter
  5. @Kevin K More fodder - Please take a look at this file / movie I started from scratch thinking that a file from before 2023 may have brought issues along with it. 3D Dimensions on the Design Layer work no issue - render nice. Make a viewport of the 3D dimensioned Design layer and rendering in the viewport is inconsistent & flaky - (see the movie) I though it was a continuing issue with Unified View as Unified View / Unified View Settings have created many inexplicable aggravating anomalies since it arrived. VW 2020 file attached FYI - I have VW 2023, yet I use VW2020 day to day as it has proven to be stable. Peter 3D Dims VW 2023 again from scratch.mov 3D Dims VW 2023 again from scratch v2020.vwx
  6. @Kevin K ¿ Are there limitations on 3D Dimensions rendering in a viewport correctly ? I have no issue with 3D Dimensions in a Rendered Design Layer Rendering in a Viewport is quite flaky, - Hidden line especially Please see attached ¿ Am I missing a step / setting? Any applicable answers and appropriate advice, as always, are aptly appreciated. MacBook Pro M1 - OS 12.6 VW 2023 - SP5 Peter 3D Dimensions.mov Issues Dims 3D v2023.vwx
  7. Ryan Custom Selection should create a script also - depends on how you created, colored, classed the Deck Joists see attached Again ... After you create the script with Custom Selection edit it it in the Resource Manager and you will see "what it is" In the Resource Manager you are also able to duplicate and edit. Easier if there are many items to select individually. Look at the difference in the two Select Circle Symbol scripts. Peter Selection Custom Selection Text.vwx Selection Custom Selection Text v2015.vwx
  8. Ryan Try Custom Visibility - (see attached) Create a script by selecting parameters from the list in the Criteria Dialog Box. Note that you need to have "one of" what you want to hide, in the drawing already, or it does not show up in the options under Type. Make a Show All Script also - Show All is the last item on the pull down After you create the script with Custom Visibility edit it it in the Resource Manager and you will see "what it is" Peter Test Hide Text.vwx Test Hide Text v2015.vwx
  9. Thank you again ... @Pat Stanford @Jesse Cogswell@michaelk current project that requires editing many long extrudes in different odd views. When editing these extrudes the result, more often than desired: VW shows the Layer Plane fundamental shape completely off the screen some where ! So the work around is: Select Extrude / Edit Extrude / Command-5 / Command-6 / Command-2 (... proceed with the editing) or this script ********************************************* PROCEDURE DoMenuTextByNameExample; BEGIN DoMenuTextByName('Edit',0); DoMenuTextByName('Standard Views',1); {sets view to Top/Plan} DoMenuTextByName('Fit To Objects',0); SetZoom(GetZoom*0.5); END; RUN(DoMenuTextByNameExample); ********************************************* I assume that there is chaff in the above, but I find any attempts to clean it futile. ¿ My VectorScript experience ? : If it works - just leave it alone ! Thanks again Peter
  10. @Jesse Cogswell As it stands, the simplicity of DoMenuTextByName should be a simple proposition as one already knows what the Menu Item is - The problem arrises in the locating the correct text to follow it. Something that is quite an illogical challenge, even with all the pages in the Developer Wiki. Thanks again for the assistance ... Peter
  11. A big thanks to @michaelk & @Jesse Cogswell I have a working script... ... just need to type in the right search string into Google site:Forum ... Peter
  12. @Jesse Cogswell I was originally digging for this on the FORUM, the ... using *0.5 vs. /2, ... Found it: Script to go direct to the Edit Symbol Mode from the drawing (Via the Resource Manager ...) Peter
  13. A list would be great ... I was looking for Edit Extrude in the DoMenuTextByName information in the Function Reference Appendix Peter
  14. What to add to a VectorScript for ... "Increase or Decrease by a factor of 2" "Increase by a factor of 2" or "Decrease by a factor of 2" are under Miscellaneous key shortcuts ... not in the Menus (?) ... not found in the https://developer.vectorworks.net when searching for "by a factor of" Or What can be added to a VectorScript to execute a keyboard key shortcut command (⌘-1 for example) ? ... and does this need to be the original VectorWorks key shortcut ? Any applicable answers and appropriate advice, as always, are aptly appreciated. Peter
  15. @JackMatsedi Check that all the geometry is imported as the same type - Our workflow has us converting to all generic solids for the different applications in use. I have also noted that directional textures cause this malfeasance. ... as @BartHays notes above, try a Reverse / Mirror of the texture direction on one section. (Should not be this complex, but it is.) Peter
  16. I have continuing selection issues with the Resource Manager VW 2020 - 2023... While I typically double click in "blank space" to create most any New Resource, the issue may be what is selected. You may want to try clicking once to select, then the next click is the actual operation. More often than not, I need to ... 1st click what I want to Apply / Edit etcetera... then go on to the next step. Items that I select or right click on are not always selected. Instead, nothing is selected or a different item is selected, deleted, applied etcetera. (¿...items in the Resource Manager have no Highlight, grey highlight, blue highlight ?) Peter
  17. @MullinRJ Stumbled into this script and it solved another one of those inexplicable aggravating anomalies in Vectorworks Reverse order of new Design Layers... Created a New Design Layers by duplicating an existing one VW will add a sequential suffix number with the same name. (Page 1, Page 2, etcetera) - works great ! ¿ The Problem ? - The Stacking order is the exact opposite (?) Your script above does the trick - It is even easy to go in and change the name of the Layer to what is needed... Thanks Much Peter
  18. I am answering my own question above as I received comments from Tech Support that indicate some SOD Tool Palettes are NOT editable - One in particular is the Standard Views. It is assumed that ... "You can create a custom toolset in the Workspace Editor and add any tools you want, and then set the toolset as one of the SOD options" Working on a laptop with NO external mouse / keyboard, I have a Workspace with extra & modified Keyboard Shortcuts and extended sets of contextual menus. The SOD looks promising as it added opportunity to the efficiency mix. Would love a Standard Views Tool Set with only the few I need & use, positioned where I am able to land on them first. As always, any applicable answers and appropriate advice are aptly appreciated. Peter
  19. Many Thanks ! @Jesse Cogswell works like a charm ... Peter
  20. I saw a pen plotter at a Goodwill a few years ago... My take: How a pen plotter once drew lines was long ago a factor. @markdd has it - For controlled "line ends" ? ...create thin rectangles: butt ends / "over extended ends" / (violet), even Soft and Round Ends (green) .... or use the Double Line Polygon Tool set to something very narrow. Sharp ends / Sharp corners (blue) My 2¢ Peter Lines.pdf
  21. Many thanks to markdd ... This reminds me of that MOBIUS Strip challenge - Modeling challenge: Möbius strip - model this as a seamless solid with no visible joins! Where the solution was knowing that 360° failed, but 359.999° worked The questions is ... ¿ But why ? Also Thanks to Tom W. Tried, but struggled with NURBs - The trick from Markdd was the key for me. NURBS as the Path to worked, if it was open and one put the Profile at the "correct" end of the Path (or reversed the direction of the Path). Even then , it would fail then try again - it worked. (?) The inexplicable aggravating anomalies of VectorWorks Peter NOT 360 degrees.pdf
  22. Question Is there a way to pre set Path and Profile locations for an Extrude Along Path vs the requirement of edit to correct after creation ? I do not use Extrude Along Path very often. Recently attempted to make a "Picture Frame" Started with the Path: a Rectangle, 4ft square as the final "Picture Frame" will be 4ft square. The Profile: a Polyline was the outline / cross section of the perimeter frame. Both as Screen Plane in Top/Plan. First attempt was off - it was bigger than the 4ft square Path. ...edited the Extrude Along Path - Profile - so it was in the "correct position". The Extrude Along Path procedure moved the Profile so it was centered at Zero-Zero Second attempt, I placed the Path and Profile aligned & orientated "correctly" based on the edited first try. ... this 2nd attempted Extrude Along Path result was also incorrect, - bigger than 4ft square Question: Does one assume that the Profile is always moved so it is centered at Zero-Zero ? Also... Some testing: set the working plane to Front ("Picture Frame" hangs on a wall ...) and set the objects to Working plane. It this case, the resulting Extrude Along Path was bigger than the 4ft square Path, and the Profile was again centered at Zero-Zero plus, it was Rotated (?) Not sure what the logic is ... As always, any applicable answers and appropriate advice are aptly appreciated. Peter VW 2023 SP5 - Mac M1 - OS 12.6 Side Note: Originally opened a different drawing to "retrieve" a Polyline from an existing Extrude Along Path object. Extrude Along Path: Edit / Profile / Copy ... then an Error Message (?) "Invalid" ... Extrude Along Path v2023.vwx Existing Extrude Along Path Error.pdf
  23. My 2¢ We have several thousand custom components that are created as Hybrid Symbols in Vectorworks. This gives a finished look to a Plan View, in Top/Plan, without the need to render or create any Viewports. Select from the Resource Manager and drop into the design (... its like ColorForms) The 2D component of the Hybrid Symbol can be an Attribute, including color / hatch / image etcetera. While the base 2D component of a Hybrid Symbol "disappears automatically" when the view is switched 3D, the 2D component is also able to be Classed. Hybrid Symbols may also have different 2D information in addition to a Top/Plan look. This includes text / numerical identification / orientation / etcetera. This additional Classed 2D component of the Hybrid Symbol is turned on / off as needed, (Class & Saved Views) creating design / inventory / install details from the same Top/Plan View Example attached shows a rendered perspective over the Top/Plan View with Hybrid Symbols Peter Hybrid Furniture Example_1.pdf
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