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  1. Visibility script Hides the Light, not the geometry ... Try it ... Peter
  2. Try a Custom Visibility VW Script - Hide Lights / and One to Show lights ... Peter
  3. lainy1961 Possible option: Workflow for past projects I have done: In a new drawing, alter the Page Set Up to a grid like 3 pages x 3 pages. This gives you a large drawing area. Option #1 would be to set the drawing scale to fit this large drawing area. You are able to Zoom - Fit To Page and see this entire 3x3 grid (KB=4) In the middle make a rectangle around the center page - Go back to the Page Set Up and turn the Page Breaks off. (Now 3 pages x 3 pages looks like / zooms one large page) Convert this center page rectangle to a Guide (Modify/Guides/Make Guide) Guides are Locked by default The overall drawing area is the 3 pages x 3 pages, with the print area inside the middle page (ie: inside this Guide) Option #2 is to set the drawing scale to fit this middle page ie, scale to what you want to print on this one center page. Hide or Show this Guide in the Modify/Guide menu - If it is the only Guide, then one is able to Select this Guide (From the Modify / Guides Menu) then Zoom - Fit to Objects (KB=6) from any location on the drawing … Alternate is to make a Saved View of this center page / print location, and select it to see the middle page. (As we use Saved Views for rendered PDF output rather than Sheets / Viewports...) When you print, select Page 5 and only this middle page will print. (Or make a Sheet / Viewport to get the desired print.) Peter
  4. Avoid some VW aggravation - Make sure that the Stacking Order "#" column is selected ... Peter
  5. Phil I fix any skew / scale in the image file outside VW (GraphicConverter for Mac) then apply as a texture ¿ Assume that your comment on the YouTube distortion process is for CAD other than VW / RW ? Peter
  6. Pat Please and Thank You email me a current postal address and I send you a token of my thanks for your efforts Peter
  7. Pat ¿ You are reference the database option ? Let Me Know ... Peter
  8. Pat Is there a version of the script that works in 2020 - 2023 ? Appreciated Peter
  9. DomC Is there a way to charge the size to match known geometry It appears obvious ... change this number - image_size = 10 - except I am unable to change the scrip Suggestions are welcome Peter (¿ Not intended to double post this ?)
  10. thinkingpencil I use Walls and Wall Holes for other than windows and architecture. The process of creation is easy - it is the editing that is terrible. Especially with the new multi image(view) 2D/3D Hybrid symbol Try looking at this post ...
  11. Additional details: Re importing the DWG back into VW, it appears that VW (2022) exports the DWG with each Viewport saved as a symbol - In addition, some existing symbols are duplicated and sequentially named - assume this is based on how many viewports the specific symbols appear in ? Quite a curious situation ... Suggestions are always welcomed Peter
  12. 50+ new classes (Layers) added when drawing is exported to DWG Started with an existing DWG created in AutoCad One model space - many viewports (sheet set) Import file & edited in VW 2020 Kept the single model space - edited the viewports as needed. Exported as DWG back into AutoCAD (2021) Every thing looks as expected when opened One strange addition is 50+ new layers (VW Classes) that were added to the file. Each is named with the file name + a number Re importing DWG back into VW, it appears that VW takes each Sheet Layer and saves it as a Symbol with a sequential designation based on the file name. (?) Testing additional DWG exports (from VW) with alternate settings ... (TBD) Suggestions appreciated Peter
  13. Section Viewport NOT rendering correctly after Image Shader Texture was updated. Section Viewport - Crop / Annotations / Rendering were all set. Tested - worked - looked as expected. One symbol in the drawing & the viewport was a Monitor with a generic texture applied for the screen image. This texture was updated with a revised image shader. Same texture was used, It was already applied correctly, and nothing else was changed. Viewport renders as expected, except it will no longer show the Monitor with a screen image. ¿ Why is the question ? Other NON Viewport rendering of this monitor work correctly. (The preview in the Resource Manager is one of those suspect Grey Gradient vs a real image) Solution, after playing with the Image & Shader was to place a 2D image over the monitor in Annotations section of the Section Viewport. Suggestions are always welcome. VW 2020 SP6 (Build 528704) (64bit) MacBok Pro M1 Max OS 12.51 User since MiniCad + Peter Blank Render.pdf
  14. Images without Image Fills ? The attached shows several images, in a 2D VW 2020 file, without the use of image fills. Peter Image Msked.vwx
  15. Lowell Ahhhh... Section Viewports are such fun My check list when the "where is it" syndrome starts Direction Class Settings Render Mode Advance Properties (Maybe not in that order) Peter
  16. Pat Big thanks as always ... Based on older VW / RW User Information, would not have known to look for VS:Function Reference as my guide. Peter
  17. So ... Images applied to 2D shapes ? Please Let Me Know ... Peter
  18. G What type of shader in the Texture ? (Select & Edit the Texture...) Peter
  19. Is there a better way to search the HELP file... with Google or ? Searching has long been a painful issue with VW Help Some times it is great ! …sometimes there is nothing ? Potentially, the fail is based on looking for a topic, NOT in the HELP file to begin with. When coming up short, I typically use the Google “site” trick searching as … site:https://forum.vectorworks.net - site:https://techboard.vectorworks.net - etcetera The question is - ¿ Is there a way to, with Google or (?), search directly in the VW/RW HELP that is associated with your current version ? Why I ask ... Searching recently in the VW / RW HELP (2020) for “Retrieving Object Names in Worksheets” was with out success. A hit, though, was returned utilizing “Retrieving object names in worksheets” site:https://forum.vectorworks.net for a 2008 post, by Markus Barrera-Kolb. (However, this post did NOT have the desired chart of designations & a broken link to helpful cheat sheet) Where I did find information was in an old VW 2016 (¿User Guide?) in a PDF, on a back up hard drive. (Thanks to consistent backing up & to the search function on the Macintosh.) Suggestions are always welcome. VW 2020 SP6 (Build 528704) (64bit) MacBok Pro M1 Max OS 12.51 User since MiniCad + Peter Search for.pdf
  20. Numbering other than Lighting in Spotlight ¿ Is there a built in way to number symbols (¿Number anything?) that are NOT part of a Lighting Plot in Spot Light ? Example screen shot attached. Suggestions are always welcome. VW 2020 SP6 (Build 528704) (64bit) MacBok Pro M1 Max OS 12.51 User since MiniCad + Peter Position Numbers.pdf
  21. adding to this old thread ... 'adjust flipped text' not working (¿ again ?) Text might be reversed in Section ViewPort Hybrid Symbol (Existing from past VW version drawn as 2D & 3D the combined into symbol) In the 2D component, these Symbols have Text (Screen Layer) included as identification. This 2D (Screen Layer) text is in its own Class so one is able to turn it on / off as desired. This 2D (Screen Layer) text is displayed as expected in Top/Plan and Not in a 3D View In the 3D component, these symbols have text (3D Layer) as identifier when the drawing is in other than Top/Plan View. Typical this is only in an ISO front elevation or section ViewPort. This text (3D Layer) is in its own Class so one is able to turn it on / off as desired. This Text is 2D (3D Layer) in 3D space. Aligned to the desired 3D location and rotated into position When the Symbol is mirrored, and displayed in Top/Plan, the 2D text is not backwards (flipped) When the Symbol is mirrored, and displayed in Section Viewport the text appears backwards (flipped) based on the render mode. ¿ Assume the ViewPort setting for flipped text should always fix this ? Or is it only for attributes added to the ViewPort ? In the attached VWX file shows that this reverse condition is dependent on how the Section ViewPort is rendered. Reminiscent of a long standing BUG where graphics (Image shader based textures) might rendered backwards when the anti alias was off . As is the case (?) when comparing a Fast RenderWorks to Final RenderWorks One option I thought was viable was to add the needed text information as an Image Prop… (Image Prop can beset to ¿ always face the viewer ?) Suggestions are always welcome. VW 2020 SP6 (Build 528704) (64bit) MacBok Pro M1 Max OS 12.51 User since MiniCad + Peter Test Symbol Vieport Rotated Text.vwx Reverse Text.pdf
  22. Pat ¿ Is there a location now for "Pat's Cheat Sheet Worksheet" ? Google search (site:techboard.vectorworks.net) is not providing a result. Attached is pulled from VW/RW 2016 instructions - Searching 2020 VW/RW help does NOT return such information. Peter Retrieving Attributes in Worksheets 2016.pdf
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