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  1. If we can get our problems straightened up, we will definitely re-instate ConDoc notes as a standard feature (i.e., no extra cost). Our perception was that ConDoc notes were not widely used, and since they had a licensing cost, this didn't make great business sense.
  2. More complex answer: VW Architect, in addition to many new architectural objects, provides project management features (e.g. Issue Manager and Redliner) and the option to structure your proeject in a single integrated 2D/3D model using the Setup Assistant and the Task Manager. The goal of VA is to provide a single working dataset that can form the basis of all your drawings.
  3. True, you cannot WGR a layerlink. You should WGR the plan layers instead and make the layerlink in the target file instead of the master file.
  4. This is a known bug, and will be fixed in the next major release. In the meantime, place doors and windows in symbols, which will avoid this problem. Refer to the VA documentation on doors and windows which describes the recommended procedure.
  5. I am unable to reproduce this with VW852. Choosing the 'show grids' checkbox in the Preferences.. command on the worksheet menu draws grid lines at the lineweight assigned to the worksheet. If the worksheet has 0 line weight , it will display without borders. If you choose borders, they are drawn with approx. 14 mil lines. HTH.
  6. In the VA documentation, we recommend putting windows and doors inside of symbols. This avoids this bug.
  7. This will happen if your Room-Name class is set to invisible.
  8. The location field is usually used for the room number.
  9. Try using a Drawing label for the bubble and just a line (whatever style you want) for the line.
  10. To get the popups for sizes in the structural shapes to display, try setting the size of the menu text size smaller in the Display control panel (you may have to go quite small, say 6, 7, or 8 point, depending on the font used and your desktop resolution.) Open the Display control panel, click the Appearance tab. In the Item popup, choose Menu. Set the size of the font (using the lower right size popup) to its smallest available size. You should be able to see the structural shapes choices.
  11. Leslie, how much memory do you have assigned to VW?
  12. I must confess I don't understand the glazing problem here. The French door, and the Simple and Complex window objects all draw their 3D glass in the Style-Glazing 1 class. You can set this class to be transparent (I think it defaults to this). You can also have multiple classes (so you can have different colors of glass in your project).
  13. folinus, a few comments on the NCS: First, while we were in early development for VA, we tried to get the info for NCS out of the constituent agencies. Unfortunately, as earlier stated, the NCS was not released until late in the year, too late in the ARCHITECT product cycle to include. We someone stated that "There are specific dimensions for the National CAD standard titleblocks." This is not the case. If you read the spec, the NCS recommends a "standard drawing module size of -approximately- 5-3/4" high by 6" wide." I know they have an -example- on the CD that is a particular size, but it's not in the spec, so minor variations might be expected that still would meet the specification. The titleblocks we generated for VA support the ConDoc standard (requested by some of our users) and the Tri-Services standards published in July, 1998. Now that the NCS is finalized, we will support its titleblock layout in a future version of VA. Also stated earlier: "It is somewhat discouraging to hear that VW Architect does not "happily" support the National CAD Standard." The layer/class structure of VectorWorks does not preclude us from supporting the NCS. VectorWorks classes correspond to AIA/NCS layernames, and VectorWorks layers correspond more to AIA/NCS filenames. So it's not difficult to set up a translation utility, and we expect to do so in a future version of VA. "...a firm's titleblock is just a component of its overall identity program (stationery, etc.) and graphic look." We agree, and that is why we address graphic customization of the titleblock in the VA manual.
  14. I'd start by reinstalling VectorWorks ARCHITECT. This sounds like a bad or corrupted TASKDATA.TXT file.
  15. Here is a generalized "transfer record" script. It is not "official" and is unsupported. Use it in good health, but at your own risk. Unlike the eyedropper tool, this one doesn't do any nifty sound effects ;-) { Procedure xferrec -- transfers record information from a picked "master" object to a picked "slave" object. Attempts to match fields based on field names in the "master" object. This will match and transfer as many fields as it can, so partial matches are OK. Copyright ? 1999 Diehl Graphsoft, Inc. Distributed free of charge to VectorWorks users for individual private use, commercial "for-sale" rights reserved. Written by Robert Anderson } Procedure xferrec; VAR hmaster,hslave,hmasterrec,hslaverec:handle; xpick,ypick:real; i,j,FldTypeIndex:integer; MRfieldname,MRfieldvalue,SRfieldname:STRING; begin message('Pick master object'); getpt(xpick,ypick); hmaster := pickobject(xpick,ypick); hmasterrec := getrecord(hmaster,1); message('Pick slave object'); getpt(xpick,ypick); hslave := pickobject(xpick,ypick); hslaverec := getrecord(hslave,1); for i := 1 to numfields(hmasterrec) DO BEGIN MRfieldname := getfldname(hmasterrec,i); FldTypeIndex := getfldtype(hmasterrec,i); MRfieldvalue := getrfield(hmaster,getname(hmasterrec),MRfieldname); j := 1; SRfieldname := getfldname(hslaverec,j); WHILE ((j <= numfields(hslaverec)) AND (SRfieldname <> MRfieldname)) DO BEGIN j := j+1; SRfieldname := getfldname(hslaverec,j); END; IF NOT (j = numfields(hslaverec) +1) THEN setrfield(hslave,getname(hslaverec),SRfieldname,MRfieldvalue); END; setclass(hslave,getclass(hslave)); clrmessage; end; run(xferrec);
  16. Eric, we appreciate your support of VectorWorks! This is a bit of a "chicken and egg" problem, though. Many third party software companies support ACAD not only because they were asked to, but also because there is a very large existing user base. VectorWorks' user base, while growing, isn't nearly the size of AutoCAD's... yet. As a result, the civil engineering verticals may not see the potential for profit that we believe exists. Add to this the learning curve for learning a new development system (VectorScript instead of ARX or Autolisp) and you might see that it's not just because "we didn't ask them to." We remain open to any and all viable business opportunities and partnering, including any of the existing ACAD third-party developers.


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