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  1. I'm running VW 2012 on a new Retina macbook Pro. As mentioned above VW can't take advantage of the increased resolution until it's updated to do so. For now each pixel is "double pixeled". Besides that though I haven't run into any issues. braith Architect
  2. never mind...I found the answer in one of the other posts referenced. Thanks everyone! Braith
  3. Looks cool...I copied it into the plugins folder, but how do I activate the script? Braith
  4. Awesome! Thanks michaelk! So...is there a reference somewhere that lists all those parameter names? That list seems like an important thing to have handy. One would think it would be available form within VectorWorks. Thanks again for the help. Braith
  5. ...didn't find the answer yet, but it turns out there's a bug in the program. Somehow "Space.Name" is mixed up and is actually reporting a different data field...it's reporting the "Occupancy Organization" instead. The default value of "Occupancy Organization" is Custom, just like it is for "Space Name". When I change the "Occupancy Organization" the value I enter actually shows up in the Space Name column in the schedule. How do you report bugs like this? Also, I found the Vectorworks manual has some good info on how schedules and worksheets work, but still no sign of a list of data fields that can be used in formulas. I'm still hoping someone out there has the answer to this. Braith
  6. I used custom room names in my project instead of the standard names, so when I create a room finish schedule the "Space.Name" parameter for each space/room reports "Custom", instead of the actual custom name I typed in. It appears that the custom name parameter is a separate piece of "data". I want the schedule to report this custom name...not simply say "custom" for every room in the project. When I turn on the column headers in the finish schedule the formula for reporting the standard room names is "=(Space.Name)". Does anybody know what the formula would be for reporting the custom name? The VectorWorks help program isn't very helpful with this issue. Beyond the immediate subject of this post, does anyone know of a good resource for learning how to use this side of vectorworks? ie: I've learned how to use the drawing toolsets simply by playing with them, but dealing with this"programming" side of vectorworks it's difficult to even know how to begin. Thanks in advance! Braith
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