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  1. So if I understand correctly it is impossible to create two or more cross-sections wit the "Site model section" function in the same drawing. And after creating the first cross-section the command "Site model section" becomes useless since the OK button turns grey and it remains grey even when you erase the previously created cross-section. Is there any other possibility (function) to create more then one cross-section (e.g. every 20 m of the road) in the same drawing without using viewports?
  2. When I use the function "Site model Section" it only create a section once. After that when reusing the "Site model Section" function the "OK" button turns grey. Impossible to create other new sections. Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong? Thanks! Matej _________________________________________ 27" iMac 2.8 QuadCore/8GB RAM/512GPU Mac OS 10.6.4 VectorWorks Landmark 2010 SP4


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