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  1. Thanks to comments like these, the autosave system received dramatic improvements for VectorWorks 10. Please keep those ideas coming! Mark Farnan Core Technologies and Imaging Manager Nemetschek NA
  2. Hi Dan, Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts; I consider this golden information. We're taking steps to address many of these areas in future releases. (For your #7, some of your needs might be satisfied with the Print Current View checkbox on the Print dialog). Thanks again for your help in identifying shortcomings in VectorWorks. Mark Farnan Core Technologies and Imaging Manager Nemetschek NA
  3. Hi Francesco, I'm not sure I understand your problem. What type of object are you stretching, and what kind of validation are you having to perform? Mark Farnan Core Technologies and Imaging Manager Nemetschek NA
  4. Hi Donald, We consider this more of a bug than something one would want to control with a preference. As Katie has indicated, we're looking at ways to fix this. We hope to have something before the next major release. Best regards, Mark Farnan Core Technologies and Imaging Manager Nemetschek NA
  5. Some info on this topic: http://www.maxon.net/index_e.html http://maxon.net/pages/dyn_files/dyn_htx/htx/352/00352_00352.html The CINEMA 4D- Special VectorWorks Edition pack consists of the CINEMA 4D R8 application (MAXON's flagship 3D modeling, rendering and animation package), two plugins that enable users to transfer models and materials quickly from VectorWorks to CINEMA 4D (updating, if required), and a free texture CD that includes a host of ready-made architectural materials. "With CINEMA 4D for VectorWorks, VectorWorks users can now create the high-quality pictures and animations of their designs, easily and quickly", said Paul Babb, CEO at MAXON Computer Inc. "From camera fly-throughs and roofs that slide open to helicopters landing on the lawn, CINEMA 4D makes any animation idea a reality and renders it out in Hollywood-quality or as images up to billboard size," adds Harald Egel, CEO of MAXON Computer, from the headquarters in Germany. [ 01-23-2003, 11:52 AM: Message edited by: Mark Farnan ]
  6. Selecting all of the previously created dimensions using the Custom Selection command and changing to the new precision on the Object Info palette also works.
  7. Our mistake. You are reading the user guide correctly; we had to pull that feature late in the VW10 cycle for technical reasons, and we never updated the documentation. We think it's a fun idea also. I'm optimistic that we'll be able to include it in a future release. Sorry for the confusion. Mark Farnan Core Technologies and Imaging Manager Nemetschek NA
  8. Hi Stuart, This was a design decision we made a few releases ago that we felt gave users maximum flexibility. If we changed every existing dimension when the rounding changed on the Units dialog and you didn't want that, it could be difficult or impossible to manually revisit each existing dimension and remember and reset each individual rounding value to what it was. The way it is now, while it's a few extra steps to get the existing dimensions changed, it's a pretty straightforward task using the Object Info palette. Mark FarnanCore Technologies and Imaging ManagerNemetschek NA
  9. People can experience a slowdown with a higher undo setting, as Katie has confirmed, but any such slowdown would be virtual memory-related and would only appear intermittently when modifying large parts of a large drawing that was having trouble fitting into available RAM. With respect to multiple open documents, the "maximum number of undos" setting applies to each document. A simple test of this would be to change your undo setting to 6, open 2 new documents and draw 8 rectangles in each, then undo repeatedly in one of the documents until you reach the "No more undo history" message. You should notice that 6 of the 8 rectangles are removed. You can repeat this process and see the same results in the other document. Mark FarnanCore Technologies and Imaging ManagerNemetschek NA
  10. > ...VW slows if the undo setting is above a dozen or so. This is generally not true. A higher undo setting can require more memory, which may have virtual memory implications if you're bumping up against that limit, but with plenty of RAM there is no technical reason why the undo setting would affect general performance. > If I have 6 drawings open, then is that threshold basically an average of 2 per drawing, for a _total_ of 12 undo's? The "maximum number of undos" setting applies to each document (each document would record a maximum of 12 user actions in your example). Mark FarnanCore Technologies and Imaging ManagerNemetschek NA
  11. Hi Dave and GJ, This limitation was removed in VectorWorks 9.5.1. Mark (one of the guys in the back)
  12. Hi Nicholas, I don't think there's anything you can do in VW 8.5.2 for this. VW 9 has a preference that lets you roll view changes into one undo "instance". Sincerely, Mark Farnan Core Technologies Manager Nemetschek NA
  13. Hi Doug, We've tracked this down to the 2D Reshape Tool - lasso mode (Alt/Option key). If you use this mode, the undo system will stop logging actions, but maddeningly will hibernate with a history of the actions it had kept track of up to that point. It will then happily apply them on request (when you issue and undo) even though they may be operations performed 10 or 100 actions ago. Your best bet is to a) not use the lasso mode of the 2D reshape tool, and b) if you accidentally do and you undo, perform a redo and close and reopen the document. Sincerely, Mark Farnan Core Technologies Manager Nemetschek NA
  14. Hi Hannes, In VW9 the "Edit" item in the right button menu does Edit Group for symbols and groups.
  15. What was the problem there? Was it with dimension objects or with the general display?
  16. Hi Fred, Have you tried changing the "Rounding" value in the Units dialog for primary dimension objects? Mark
  17. Hi Stargate (Chrissy), DoMenuText('wsRecalculate') is being replaced by RecalculateWS(worksheet:HANDLE) so you might want to start getting used to using that. Mark
  18. Hi StarGate, I've been told that the VectorWorks 8 documentation was incorrect in that example. Please try: DoMenuText ('WSRecalculate'); Mark
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