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  1. ok Great :crazy: , doesn't this defeat the whole purpose of importing info to the database and using the plant data tool!! Would seem to be an obvious thing to be able to import price data from a nursery catalogue... any plans to fix this and make the database useful?
  2. I have set the unit rounding in the Document Settings to round all units to full numbers and no fractions, yet when I display tags for Hardscape areas the area units are showing to .00 accuracy. How do I change this?
  3. Ok yeah did that but why don't some of the field show up when accessing the info from vectorworks? I mapped the 'price' field from the excel file to the 'VW Price' field in the Plant Database and yet when I access the info in VW the price field isn't there, and the size isn't in the schedule size!?
  4. Anyone out there able to offer some help on importing a catalogue of plants into VW Plants database. I have imported an excel file catalogue from our local nursery, hoping that this would allow me to select plants in the "Get Plant Data" option. THis works but the prices and the schedule/container size data is not there.... I would like to be able to incorporate the prices and schedule size into the VW plant catalogue so still have all the other data ie. spread, height, zone etc. If anyone has done this before and could help, would be great....


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