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  1. The forum software was upgraded from v7.1.1 to v7.2.2 on April 8, 2008 around 10am EDT.
  2. Once all your Windows users are on 10.5, the problem should go away. Yuo can fix it now by assiging some serial numbers to 10.1 users and the rest to the 10.5 users. Windows VW 10.0/10.1 can not locate VW 10.5 on the network, but VW 10.5 can and does locate the 10.0 and 10.1 copies. So a VW 10.1 user launches and does not detect the license conflict with the 10.5 user. But eventually the copy of VW 10.5 will detect the 10.1 user and force the quit of the 10.5 user.
  3. Are all the users running the exact same version of VectorWorks? Or are some still running 10.0 or 10.1?
  4. When you receive the license violation you should be able select the serial number and press the "User information" button and see who VW thinks is using the other number. When you do that, does it list another user or does it list the user that is having the problem? i.e. VW thinks the same user is using the serial number twice, not different users.
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