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  1. Just requested for an extension and it said successful but it doesn't seem to work. Thanks! Rob
  2. Same problem here. It says it has been renewed but it won't activate. Thanks!
  3. I don't think its vector based, it's just a PDF the hotel sent me.
  4. For some reason when I ungroup all the walls and such are contained in that bitmap so when I delete it they all go away....I may just have to stop being lazy and trace it, I was hoping I wouldn't have too. Rob
  5. Even when rendered I am just getting the border of the PDF. HMMMMMMMM?
  6. I have imported a pdf of a hotel meeting room floor plan and layed out my seating etc. Now when I go to different views the pdf stays in the Top/Plan view while everything else changes to the selected view. Is there any way to make the PDF also change views? Obviously I don't expect it to be 3d but I thought it would at least "angle" its self to the correct perspective. Rob
  7. In the event planing - seating layout, is there anyway to add new symbols or change the number of seats around a table? I want a 72" table with only 7 chairs rather than 10. Help? Rob


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