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  1. Thanks for the responses. mjm, I would absolutely agree that lit fog includes many variables and there is probably no way to accommodate all of that and, in fact, I do not believe we would want to. The one thing that is always a constant is that the beam emitting from the source is always at it's brightest and it always falls off in a very proportional manner. That is something that was very easy to emulate in 2010 and earlier versions but is no longer an option. Again, I would certainly agree that the quality of the lit fog is greatly improved in later versions of VectorWorks as, most noticeably, it is no longer as "grainy" as it used to be. My argument is that we simply need to have more control over the light beam so that we have a sense of it coming from a source and that it falls off in a reasonable, definable manner. Thank you for taking the time to post by the way. grant_PD, I believe the feature you describe (One of the biggest giveaways is that the beam begins from a single point rather than the surface of the lens.) is called "clip" in Cinema4D terms. I may be wrong about the nomenclature, however, that functionality exists allowing for the beam of light to be initially visualized somewhere past it's point origin. Where the 2015 rendering engine really fails is the inability to depict "brightness" from it's point source as it appears that the "beam" more or less has a consistent luminosity throughout it's throw (with little regard to the law of squares) and as such, there is very little luminosity emitting from a pin point beam meaning the pin point is, in fact, the dimmest part of the beam. Certainly, placing beams in Photoshop would be an option and beyond that, one can export into Cinema4D and greatly enhance the image. To my mind, it would be far simpler if we could just have better control over the tools that we already have in place and avoid those steps. For many of my clients, renders directly out of VW have been more than satisfactory, but that is not really the case anymore. Instead of enhancing productivity, I am now potentially adding steps, applications, and potentially personnel to a project that I never required before. My point is that Cinema4D has this functionality and then some. I would think it would not be that difficult to add a few parameter controls to accommodate this. Of course, I am not the one having to write the code so....... Thank you greatly for your input.
  2. Interesting that there are no responses in two weeks. That leads me to believe that users don't recognize the issue.
  3. Greetings. I am fairly new to the forum, however, have been using VW / MiniCad for a very long time. I had resided on version 2010 for quite some time and finally upgraded to 2014 last year and 2015 this year. The transition from the old rendering engine to the new one has left me a bit frustrated. My frustration stems from the lack of control over light objects with regards to volumetric rendering. In 2010 and earlier, it was very simple to create a lit fog spot light object and then manipulate it to where the intensity was quite bright at the source and then tapered off in a fairly realistic fashion. While the volumetric rendering quality is greatly improved in the current versions of VectorWorks, I have yet to find a way to realistically simulate a lit fog light object. Regardless of the setting chosen, the beam originates in a pinpoint with little intensity and then extends off with very little fall off. As I understand it, VW is currently utilizing the Cinema4D rendering engine. That rendering engine allows for a great deal of control over the appearance of beams of light in a volumetric situation. It is my assumption that we need some additional functionality to make this truly useful. I have seen quite a few renders from other colleagues and they have the same issue, though I am not sure that they realize it.
  4. Seems simple enough. I would find this extremely useful as I end up with dozens of textures in my drawings and am constantly toggling the drop down arrow to open and close the textures in my RESOURCE window so I can see my symbol folders.
  5. Yoginathaswami, Thank you for your reply. You were correct, in my smart cursor settings, everything had been unchecked. I have been a VW user since MiniCAD 7 and have never had this happen before. Any idea what I may have done to deselect those options? Is there some keyboard shortcut that I may have hit by accident? I certainly appreciate your reply.
  6. Greetings. I have just run into a snapping issue of some sort that I can't seem to rectify. My assumption is that I have inadvertently set some preference that I cannot find to disable. What is happening is that my smart cursor snapping functionality seems to have disappeared. No manner of choosing constraints or snaps seem to rectify the problem. When using the 2D selection tool, my cursor turns from black to white and two tiny red lines appear to the top left of it whenever I hover over a selectable item. The cursor no longer turns into a cross hair to allow selection. The item will highlight for selection and I can manipulate the item, however, I cannot snap to it. When I choose a scalable selection tool option, I do get the diagonal cursor but that is all. It seems to me that I have seen this or read about this before, but cannot seem to place it. I have rebooted the application and restarted the computer as well. Any thoughts?


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