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  1. I know it has been discussed but I don'tthink solved.

    VW Architect 9.5.2 WIN 2000

    HP Driver 4.40

    Sometimes pattern print fine but most oftimes we get completely different colors:pink over white and you get yellow over white.

    What to do? It used to work fine, now the onlysolution is to use only solid colors.

    No, the Print Patterns at screen resolutionwon't fix it.Thanks confused.gif" border="0

  2. Hallo everybody, I remember a while ago people having the Arial font or Times disappearingfrom their VW font list, and after dangerously dealing with the WinRegistry etc. I thought 9.5.2 fixed the issue.

    But a friend of mine still has that problem,what was the fix?

    Sorry for the old topic, thanks.

  3. Greetings everybody, Chris don't be jealous now...just kidding. It is true that Chris and othershave been asking for the same solutions for many months.Anyway roughly my priority list would be:8,7,4,2,3,5,6,1 but as Chris said, if we can get all of them,I think those features would allow us to tackleany real-work issue and "spread" the use of the "spread-sheets".I hope other users intervene on the subjectwhich maybe should be brought into the Architectural thread as well.

    Really thanks

  4. Yes Robert they are very accurate wishes for me at least.It will completely change my approach to the schedule feature.

    My being worried about the timing is due to the fact that I believe I posted a couple of times regarding the same issue in January, on 2 treads, with many users and people from NNA replying but nothing solved or officially scheduled for next release.

    Thanks for trying and fix this big issue once and for all.

  5. Well Robert thanks for your attention.I'm a little scared that we are close I think to the next release and we are still talking about this.

    -New users a lot of times draw a demo plan with demo doors. Then put a new door to replace the demo one in the same spot. Even though sheets should separate them, they don't know that the wall itself has to be set to the demo class too in order for the door to become dashed. So they have 2 identical door one on top of each other and they forget about it when they look for the "ghost door".

    -Because of sheets structure, we might have more then one plan on the same file,or in general several layers with different scale drawings. The schedule reads throughout every layer. We should be able to choose which layer we want to report, not the ?whole file?!

    -Huge school building: ok, I can split the building in wings/portions, still it would be practical if the schedule could be broken in parts or it just won?t fit vertically in the Arch E page. Then what? I had to split the building plan in different files to split the door schedule!

    -What is the point of using symbols and an automatic schedule if when I finally get all the required info for the doors in the CD phase, I still manually have to go into each door (even though they are the same symbol!)and type the record info. It would be much faster if I could add the info in the schedule and copy/paste (manual here being faster then automatic!!!) or even better having a command that updates the record fields that I want for the symbols I want altogether but for the existing instances too! Changing the default record field is not clean nor practical as I have different doors.

    -Yes, default for doors etc should be to not be on schedule, it should be a decision that the user has to make and therefore think about it, so to avoid mistakes.

    -Subscribe Excel: c?mon, even PowerCadd does that.

    -Door ID should by default (shouldn?t it?) recognize only doors, unless the user checks an option to ID whatever he/she likes.

    -Manual override: in case something goes awry for whoever reason, it is easier to give the boss a fixed schedule then meandering through the drawings and find out what the hell happened.

    -A Star Trek feature would be this one: a door shows up in the schedule. It?s record or ID are uncompleted or missing. User highlights it in the schedule and with a menu option will select that door even if inserted in a wall (maybe it becomes red too). So he knows which one is and fixes its record or deletes it.Even so the schedule should be bi-directional.

  6. Chronicle of a war.

    New users after a little struggle, at the beginning,(they mostly come from the AC world), they finally get acquainted with Architect and actually like it.

    Then they get to the door schedules. End of love.

    While it?s always their mistake, it is so easy to get ghost doors (doors that show up with no ID on the schedule or empty rows on the schedules and any other variation), that if the automatic spreadsheet is not given the flexibility of allowing manual editing, it becomes frightening and useless.

    Afternoons spent chasing the ghost records/plug-ins in the jungle of layers and classes, destroying areas and refreshing schedules to individuate the zone where they hide. Moving doors to see if there is another one underneath. Checking every door symbols to see if the plug in within it, is set to be on schedule.

    Smart custom search useless with objects within walls. Imagine what will happen if this would became a large scale conflict (very large buildings).

    Frustrated Rangers end the dayonly to find out that somehow somebody Id?ed a rectangular floor pattern instead of a door.

    Often we lose this WW 1 war and go to manual schedules.

    I really hope VWX fixes this nightmare somehow.

    Same with the referencing clipping option: they all aspect that to be there.

    Please do it and let the peace reign. frown.gif" border="0

  7. I actually agree with you, even though I was being a little sarcastic, sorry.

    I've been using VW for 5 years and still learning every day. It takes patience to create another way of work. Before I was using Microstation and even though I still think it is the most powerful cad in the world, VW ,for an architectural designer, is a car that you can really drive withyour butt, with a tight feeling for the road.

  8. "vectorworks is a great cad program, but it still has a LONG way to go to catch up with autocad"

    ..right, especially when you know VW so wellthat the only little thing you are missing is the layer stacking order issue, one of the most advanced, complex and little known features.

    Just use a program for what it has to offer, instead of trying to simulate another with that,And you'll quickly find yourself having beautiful prints instead of going thru fragmented frigid lines drawn thru mysterious windows with names and commands that just if you are elected are allowed to know..

    I rather flow that frantically hit the keyboard ?.

  9. No, I think-hope next release. 4 now:

    1-Just mask it with a polygon.

    or 2-Put just what you want to reference on a individual layer then reference it

    or 3-use just one layer but make what you want to reference a symbol and import it thru drawings,even referencing them.

    or 4-(almost impossible) make what you want to reference belong to special classes, so that in the reference you turn off anything else but those.

  10. So, no answer from NNA regarding thedemo windows issue?

    As posted before, after version 9.5,we are no longer able to get a window to bedashed, unless we ungroup it.Older drawings for demo got the demo windowsreverted to solid lines, imagine the risk.

    Is a patch coming? I feel embarassed going around and explaiying everybody in the office whythey should check their old demo windows.

    Thanks. confused.gif" border="0

  11. Another unusual but cool use of the WG Ref.

    I have more then one building, or a large one that I split in more parts on different files.

    I have legend of notes that have to stay the same throughout the project.I create the notes legends on one file only, file A for example.

    Make them a symbol.

    Put a copy of that symbol on a layer called ?exchange? with other symbols in common with the other files.

    Referenced that layer into the other files where you locate your symbols where needed.

    Modify, add notes into the file A.

    Refresh the reference (actually leave it automatic) to the Exchange layer and get all the symbols, notes legends updated into the other file, without any layer link etc.

  12. Kevin, you are welcome, like TitaniumSamurai said, any time you need to repeat the base plan.

    I used to use it when working in a small officeon a multistory house for example, I would be doing modifications to the "model" (not the 3d one)just the base plan, with all the architectural features such as walls, windows, doors, stairs, etc while other people would reference the 2 stories (and the roof) as background and put all the notes, dimensions, clouds, markers and also, electrical plan on it and Rcp.

    I would tell them when I did some modifications to the main plan, and they would update theirs.

  13. Ok Marc, didn't want to be smart, is just thatsometimes words like Workgroup references and layer links scare people much more then they should.

    The NNA tutorial is crazy, forget about it.

    Start with a very simple situation to see how it works.

    Create 2 files, one called 1 and the other 2,both on your desktop. In one create a layer calledplan and draw a rectangle in it, none class.

    Create a class called floor pattern, assigning a pattern to that class.

    Inside the rectangle draw another one, smaller, with the floor pattern class as the active one, so you get that little patterned area inside the bigger rectangle.

    Open the second file, go to workgroup referencesadd one by clciking New, look for the file called 1 and select the layer plan. Choose automatic if you like.

    You'll get a layer with that name into file 2 showing the same rectangle.

    If you want to turn off the patterned area, just turn off the proper class.

    Go to file 1 and change soemthing, or add something in the plan layer.

    Go to file 2 and refresh the reference, you'll see the modifications appear.

    Now where do the referenced elements appear?In the same location in file 1 relative to the origin,i.e. 3'0" left of and 2'6" below the center of the page, as in file 1.

    So if your second document, file 2, has the origin in another place, the objects will show up in a different location relative to your page.

    Now your referenced squares are locked. If you unlock them you'll loose the referencing capability.

    So how do I move them, rotate them, duplicate them?

    From layer 1 (is already in your document)file 2,go View, create layer link, choose plan layer, project 2d. The rectagles will show up in layer 1.Turn off the plan layer to avoid confusion.

    Select the layer link ( the rectangles) unlock it,and now rotate it and move it, copy and duplicate it too.

    Go back to file 1, do other changes, refresh reference on file 2, you'll see them appear on file 2 in the referenced layer (plan) as well as in the layer links on layer 1.

    Done, more to say then to do it.

  14. Again another design-psychology related issue.

    In teaching VW to new users I've noticed how theykeep themselves far away from the Resource Palette.

    They are scared of it. So gray and full of mysterious symbols, I remember it intimidated me too years ago. And it hasn't changed, graphically-wise.

    You see all these candy like objects that are nowadays around, (i.e. anything from Apple), colorful, rounder, bigger shapes, eye catchy symbols etc.? That's what we need for it plus a more organized version of it, where things are already in subfolder so that you don't have to scroll thru hatches to get to a symbol or a script or a worksheet. rolleyes.gif" border="0

  15. VW Architect 9.5.2 (and 9.5.1) Windows

    Yes, Windows is appropriate.

    They no longer get the dash style whether thru classes (i.e. demo) or attribute palette. No matter what, you have to ungroup them.Doors actually still work.

    It happened after 9.5. At that time they still switched to dashed when you switched them to demo.

    If I copy a dashed window from one of those old files, as soon as I refresh it, (i.e. change size or anything) boom, back to solid lines, no matter what you do.

    We really need that fixed soon. I?m scared of these upgrades as they fix a lot and brake who knows something.

  16. So having a layer with some objects on drawing A

    and another file which will import that layer with those objects (with the ability of turning some of them on and off or change their attributes thru classes) as a reference is too complicated?

  17. I create a custom workspace.Then I e-mail it to my colleagues or they get itthru the network.

    On one person's machine, it becomes corrupted after a while; the extension (.vvw) changes by itself or it doesn?t but the keyboard shortcuts stop working. We replace it with a new one and then after a while it re-happens.

    It did it to me to once but on this pc it happens quite often.

    Any similar experience?Thanks

    WV Architect 9.5.1 Win 2000 Pro. confused.gif" border="0

  18. Which path tool? You just set views wherever you need; unfortunately , that I know, there is no path tool in the sense that you can draw a polyline and set the camera height etc and let it follow it. Am I missing something?

  19. From VectorDepot.com you can get simple windows plug ins

    to use directly in elevation view. They work very well. For the complicated ones, just convert the 3d view of the VW ones to hidden lines rendering.

    About stretching and hatching. Forget lines.

    I always use rectangles and polygons.

    It's faster to draw, you can resize/reshape individual portion with the 2d polygon editing tool, you can automatically assign hatches and fillers or patterns by class and edit a lot of this finishes just modifying the classes. You can achieve complex shapes by intersecting surfaces or adding or clipping them instead of drawing every single segment of them.

    Also using polygons you can give visual hierarchy to the objects so that what's in front covers what is beyond. I even have a class called shadow with a proper transparent (no background color) hatch; then I draw those polygons on top of the architectural elements and the end result can be very nice.

  20. I know this is not a licit question, still I'm curious, when will VW X be out ? Another 6 months or so? Give me a ballpark number at least, pleasee.

    I want something that makes me feel ready for any race with anything out there.

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