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  1. Thanks fellas.... You have both been quite helpful.
  2. Thanks Andrew and Greg for the explanations! My understanding now is that 12'x21' is a native 16:9 resolution, so when I assigned a projector with a 16:9 format it filled the entire screen whereas when I switched the projection format to 4:3, which would not align with a 16:9 screen, the tool knew that it would have to add a projector to fill the entire screen. Does this sound right to you guys? Jeff
  3. Here is some more information. The screen size that I am trying to blend is a 12'x21'. It seems that the projectors stack on top of each other with this size screen whereas when I insert projectors on a screen that is 12'x65' the projectors blend perfectly. Any help is appreciated.
  4. I am having an issue getting my projectors in the desired position while using the blended screen tool. I would like to split the screen in two halves to shorten my throw distance. When I insert the projectors, both cover the full screen and I cannot figure out how to change the setting. To be clear, I have two projectors covering one screen. I would like each one to cover 50% of the screen but when I insert the projectors, both cover 100% of the screen and I cannot figure out how to adjust the setting. Deadline Monday, help please. Thanks!
  5. Got it working. The settings were all fine but I did have the first mode activated. Thanks for the help.
  6. Kevin, I dont see a small blue square anywhere in the document. Is there possibly a setting that needs to be turned on?
  7. Hello all, Here is my problem. When I create event seating using the Event Planning>Create Event Seating command, the program randomly generates the focal point. The only way I know how to adjust to the proper point is by using the OIP. There are 2 different focal point positions available to input a number but I cant figure out what number to input to get the correct focus. Can anyone explain the best way to assign the proper focal point? Thanks, Jeff
  8. It may be that you are in 3D mode. I believe it only works in 2D--Top/Plan view. I am a new user but I ran across that exact problem already.
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