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  1. Thanks Pat. The confusing thing is however that the problem only exists when drawing in Vectorworks and in no other aplication. (Photoshop, word, Illustrator etc)
  2. Help please. I have been a user of Vectorworks since Minicad 5:0 days and on both MAC and PC?s. We have just loaded Vectorworks 2010 on to our work PC laptop and desk tops but I am experiencing a real pain from the cursor on screen. When the cursor is over the title bars and tools it is fine, but when it is on top of the drawing it is invisible when static and appears to flash when I move it around. Even worse is that with a highlighted shape, it is near impossible to put the cursor onto the corner handles of a square for example to then stretch it or move it. I am sure this is possibly an easy fix but I have been through the default setups of our other PC?s to establish that all the same boxes are ticked. Any obvious reason why this should effect a PC laptop and not on a PC desk top? Thanks, Jack.


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