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  1. i agree that would help. my version is 2010.
  2. not sure if VW calls it linked or Xref but is there a place i can see a list of the Xrefed files and possibly update, change, or remove them? thanks again!
  3. by either my own mishaps, or from the imported CAD files 3d lines and stuff is showing up. is there a way to flatten the entire drawing? thanks.
  4. trying to just get basic VPs set up in the sheet spaces and having a tough time. im used to CAD procedures. i have set one but its too small and nothing shows up. can anyone help, or point me in the direction of a tutorial? thanks in advance!
  5. another ? - if i am looking to find equally divided sections (maybe on a line) in cad i just draw a line then do teh divide command, enter the amount of sections then bam, the line divides into the segments. ---useful in finding spacing of center lines w/o having to crunch out the numbers. how might i do something simliar in VW ? thanks again!
  6. I?ve been using autocad for a while and now trying to brush up on VW....need a couple functions to speed me up. - what is "extend" in VW (i would like to select a target line and then make multiple other lines project to that target line. - what is "trim" similar to above. i would like to select a line and them trim multiple lines at that target line.....current the best in VW i can do is trim single lines and they only trim back as far as the closest line or object. this presents a problem if there are several things in the way of where i want to trim back to. thanks in advance for ANY tips you can lend.
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