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  1. I can get it to work in VW2012 by having custom title block as a sheet border on each sheet layer with record formats as Joe stewart mentioned above.

    Create a report.

    Name sheet.

    List all: objects with a record

    Listing objects with record: Title block format (or whatever you called your record format for custom title block)

    Add sheet number & sheet title formats from left column to right column.

    Click OK.

    All done, BUT??? my sheet numbers aren't in order say from sheet 001 to sheet 034 it will list them in the worksheet randomly. Any ideas???

    I got this far, would be great to finish & use.

  2. To whom it may concern @ Nemetschek,

    I am a current Vectorworks 2011 user and would like to suggest adding text settings to the edit class dialog which would allow you to assign text to a class then edit all text using the edit class dialog box to change text style, size colour etc. The reason being is when i use the windoor tool for ID display, the settings are different from a door as opposed to a window or even a window/door combo & sometimes i have to scale the ID display textfor each type of windoor object. It would be alot faster to edit this with one click in the WD-ID class edit dialog box. Another alternative would be to have a scale ID text setting in the OIP when a windoor object/s are selected

    Please take a little time to give this some thought.

    This text setting could be used for a hole lot of other tools aswell if it was a class setting.


    Joey Parsonson

  3. VW 2009 was propbably the last most stable version maybe even 2008. Since then 2010 & 2011 has produced more problems for our office than productive hours, well so it seems, especially callout notes & windoor. Even clicking on the windoor tool randomly crashes vectorworks for us not to mention the text tool hopping & skipping around the page, also when you create some text & start typing it automatically exists the text box so you end up typing nothing unless you check the screen every time you type a word to re enter the text box. Rendering was a lot faster with Renderworks than it is with the new engine, I have done tests with 2010 & 2011 side by side with identical imacs. renderworks Yes it looks slightly better, however all custom textures suxh as glass & water for swimming pools etc also cladding textures are usless in 2011 & need to be recreated. It just seems to be a big fat waste of time upgrading, what was wrong with the previous versions (2009), seems to be too much thought going into some of these upgrades, the software Engineers are trying to get to clever & end up costing offices such as ours thousands of dollars in time dealing with all these problems that new versions give us. Seriously thinking of down grading to 2009 would be much more productive unless they can start releasing verions with bug free software.

  4. Im seem to be spending a lot of time changing my smart cursor settings on each individual document on opening. Shouldnt this be a VW preference rather than a document preference. VW doesnt even seem to save smart cursor settings for the distance tab when files are closed & reopened. I has a default setting of 25%. When this is set at 25% my cursor snaps to too many points (very annoying & dangerous where accuracy is critical if snapping to the wrong point all the time). Anyone having these troubles??

  5. Thanks for the feed back. I usually use 72 DPI on sheet layers but for projects that require high quality i bump it up to about 300. I try to use symbols where i can for duplicating an object several times. I will try batch render, something i never tried before, usually i take perspectives into viewports & render them in fQRW. Would an 8 core mac pro make much difference to rendering times as opposed to increasing RAM from 8GB to 16GB.


  6. Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions on the ultimate performance machine for 3D rendering in vectorworks without the use of add on rendering programs. I have gone from a dual core PC with 4GB ram to a quad core i7 imac with 8GB ram. A big difference in speed & overall performance, however still struggles with large projects. I need a computer with ultra fast rendering speeds. There must be something out there that can cope with the power of VW, in terms of textures, lighting & 3D modelling. It is a bit of a let down creating something & then having to wait from half an hour to an hour on some jobs at the final rendering stage for a single viewport to render in final quality RW, havent even bothered trying radiosity, far too slow. I use alot of extrudes & the shapes are not that complex, Glass textures seem to chug away at the memory along with lighting Maybe im doing something wrong??

  7. To build a Bolt & nut in 3D i have found that you have to do it with the 3d fastener tool creating a bolt, then two washers then the nut so the finished result is 4 seperate objects, when imported to 2010 these objects seperate themselves somehow (for me anyway), A 3D option to the bolt & nut mm tool will simplify things alot. This would save alot of time as we do alot of 3D modelling of structural components & changing bolt sizes in 3D could be simply selecting in a different size. At the moment i have to change the bolt size, then the nut size, then the washers size & re position them in 3D. Quite a rigmarould.

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